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Drawing Cartoons & Comics for Dummies

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I bought a book, “Drawing Cartoons and Comics For Dummies” By Brian Fairrington. I was looking for some books to help me learn how to draw a comic and this is the only one I can find within 20miles radius. Its a pain in the ass to read. But I read it anyway. This is the second book i ever read thoroughly in my entire life. The First one was “Ditimang Gelombang” by Ghazali Ngah Azia (50 pages story book), and it took me 3 years to finish reading it (1994-1997). Yes, I hate reading. I tried to re-draw some of the cartoons..well, it doesn’t turns out well.

Drawing it, and knowing how to draw it is a huge difference. When I read a comic book, I feel like I am inside the picture, and thus I can feel the story. When I look at my cartoons…I can’t enter the frames..That is the proof, that I have failed. Regardless, the book is not about how to draw like Brian Fairrington. Its about how to be cool, like him 🙂 And thus, Behold, my new artwok after i master the new technique…

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