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Super Nintendo system was created to create a new environment for the competitive video game market. An improvement is that the games are saved in two forms, Cartridge and floppy disk.

The file ROM capacity is therefore not large, usually from 1MB to 5MB (about 1-3 floppy disks for a game). ZSNES can be considered an excellent emulator for this system.

With the ZSNES emulator, you can play Super Nintendo series like Earthbound, Megaman, Final Fantasy, Super Mario Kart, Castlevania, Ocean Star, Street Fighter 2, Tales of Phantasia…

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ZSNES does not require installation. It can run immediately after downloading the file on the computer with enough ROM. The software interface is as old as the traditional console, but it gives an interesting “vintage” feel. Using the keyboard to control ZSNES is best because the mouse tends to move around the main window. Software to download and run games is very fast, just save, select or open the game you want. The ZSNES configuration menu gives you a variety of input device options, customizing their running options, configuring chips, selecting video, audio, speed as well as editing saved settings. Those who want a comfortable game experience, should definitely visit the “Cheat” menu. Here, users can download the hacked code, browse or search the cheat code. GUI, keys and key combination options are also easy to tweak. The software also allows users to save the configuration for later use.

Main features of ZSNES

  • Complete set of 65816 instructions
  • Support SRAM, LoROM, HiROM, SlowROM, FastROM, DMA
  • Interrupts HIRQ, VIRQ, NMI
  • Support several SNES file formats (SMC, SFC, SWC, FIG, MGD, MGH, UFO, bin, GD3, GD7, DX2, USA, EUR, JAP, AUS, ST, BS, 048, 058, 078)
  • Support alternating formats (except SuperFX games)
  • PAL / NTSC system support

Configuration required using ZSNES

  • Pentium II CPU (or equivalent) 233MHz
  • Minimum 32MB RAM
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