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Surely everyone has known the Kawaii game (also known as Pikachu or Pokemon ). A simple game but its entertainment efficiency is very high, so it is often favored in offices.
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Likewise Zoodomino is a game with similar gameplay and is also very addictive as Kawaii. But the image of the Pokemon was replaced the animals are very cute and funny. The task of the player when participating is to destroy all the tiles in each screen, by finding pairs of similar pictures and connecting them to eliminate slowly to the end. However, to overcome all levels is not easy, because the variety of cells plus colorful backgrounds will surely make you dizzy and “nervous”.

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If you are looking for a lightweight game to ease stress, or just “eye training” then Zoodomino is your choice.

System Requirements Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 Processor : 800 Mhz or larger RAM : 256 Mb or better

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