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Zombie Strike 1.11.41 is an attractive strategy RPG for Android. Gather a warrior squad and battle thousands of undead, challenge millions of others on the Arena.

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Gather the army of warriors and fight the undead in the game Zombie Strike

Join the game Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle , the player’s task is to gather a group of warriors who survived the Zombie Armageddon pandemic, fighting against thousands of people who have been transformed into corpses. Hire heroes with unique abilities and weapons, build a balanced army, train squads, power up and upgrade your heroes.

Besides, players also need to collect and use resources rationally and wisely; After that, challenge players from all over the world on the arena and fight for the survival of mankind.

Download Zombie Strike for Android .APK 2
Hands-free thanks to the automatic battle system

Salient features of the game Zombie Strike for Android

Automatic combat

  • Recruit and gather survivors to build a squad of the strongest warriors, protecting your house.
  • Goodbye manual gameplay thanks to the game uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI), helping gamers more hands-free during play.
  • Pick up and receive loot even while offline. Plenty of rich rewards are waiting for you.

Download Zombie Strike for Android .APK 3
Create a strong army, protect your home

Strategy of squad formation

  • You can choose among hundreds of companions, each with different powerful skills, to create a special team.
  • Combine character classes, create unique strategic squads.
  • Level up the hero, start the journey of life and death.
  • Overcoming class and heroes is the key to success.

Download Zombie Strike for Android .APK 4
Upgrade heroes, challenge monsters

Diverse gameplay

  • Collect resources: Fight zombies to get the necessary resources. This is the only way to survive when the end of the world is approaching.
  • Apocalypse Tower: Challenge monsters through each level.
  • Brave attack: This is the path you cannot retreat. Failure is death.
  • Mysterious crystals, lucky circles and many other interesting things are waiting for you.
  • Upgrade the camp and build a cathedral for the heroes.

Download Zombie Strike for Android .APK 5
Initiate a guild duel, working well with allies


  • Support each other, send hearts to friends. Friends are not to leave the other person alone in the dark.
  • Fight in the arena. Only the strong can lead their team to survive in the competition.

Join the guild

  • Create a guild with friends and lead everyone to glory.
  • Fight alongside other guild members, challenge bosses and receive great rewards.
  • Powerful guild technology helps players stand out in battle.

Download Zombie Strike for Android .APK 6
Stunning game graphics

Invasion of the flesh-eating zombies is approaching. Are you ready to fight?

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