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Zombie Death Trap – Horror zombie shooting game

Zombie Death Trap is a blend of many game genres like shooters perspective first FPS horror game , the game of survival and fiction.

Download Zombie Death Trap for Windows 1

Through the Zombie Death Trap game, you will learn how to survive in the world with only fierce corpses and rescue family and relatives in the chaotic context of The Day of Zombie Outbreak!

The story of the Zombie Death Trap inspired by the story was published in The Daily Ximes about Ze-Day – the day the zombie attacked the Earth in 2020. You are the legendary new generation of the earth with the noble mission of destroying all zombies attacking humans.

Download Zombie Death Trap for Windows 2

As a shooting assassin, you must not forget the following:

  • Zombie never sleeps.
  • Zombie does not know pain.
  • Zombies can fight continuously, without a break.
  • It recovered itself by sucking human blood.
  • They are not afraid.
  • Zombies will see you and destroy you without weapons.
  • Can’t chat with zombies. They do not communicate together.

Zombie Death Trap Game for Windows is designed with vivid 3D graphics, faithfully reproducing the zombie world with male, female or fat bodies. They approach you and find ways to destroy you. Note that fat zombies only appear when you defeat some normal zombies. With modern arsenal in hand, your mission is to watch and shoot them down within 1 note.

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