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The Cloud Garden officially transfers all data to ZingPlay , changing its name to ZingPlay Cloud Garden ( KVTM ZingPlay). Is the first cloud farm game exclusively for Vietnamese people.

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Join the game you will be transformed into a true farmer, comfortable planting your favorite flowers, upgrading pots, decorating beautiful clouds.

Thanks to the magic bean from Old Wolf, a whole world of clouds has opened for you to explore. You and Jack and Scarlet will build their own paradise garden, plant trees, harvest, trade and trade with friends in the world of the vast world of ZingPlay Cloud Garden .

Coming to ZingPlay Cloud Garden , you can also get acquainted with friends only in fairy tales like: Red Scarf, Wolf, Jack, Tinkerbell … challenge the god of luck every time you cast a pot to make your own garden!

Download ZingPlay Cloud Garden for Android .APK 2

Latest updates in ZingPlay Cloud Garden

  • Piggy Bank event (level 20) from August 21 to August 29.
  • VIP magic beans feature (level 18).
  • The Hot Air Balloon Week is from August 21 to September 3.
  • Released the weekly Emulation Ranking.
  • Adjusted some of the balance features in the game.
  • Optimize other features.
  • Fix some display errors.
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The main feature of the game ZingPlay Cloud Garden for Android

  • Personified plants: Hong, Cuc, Huong Duong, Apple, Strawberry, New Moon, Nguyet Thuc …
  • The cute, hard-working beetles produce: Dryer, Juice Machine, Jade Processing Machine …
  • Busy with a series of agricultural orders brought by Uncle Cu named Tutu.
  • Fairy characters everywhere: Frog Prince, Snow White, RobinHood, Brave Princess …
  • Buy and sell with friends through the Shop and Newsletter features.
  • Visit, help your friends every day to strengthen friendships and earn Fame Points.
  • Make lots of new friends.
  • Suspense each Pot lifting, lifting Machine.
  • Works well on Galaxy Y, ZenPhone and small screen devices.
  • Easily connect to Facebook , Zing Me and Zalo accounts.
  • Feel free to receive gifts with interesting Mini Games: Chasing pictures catching words, Winning numbers, Sharing Zalo receive gifts every day.
Download ZingPlay Cloud Garden for Android .APK 4

Constantly updated with new, attractive features, and beautiful graphics The garden on the cloud has been attracting a lot of gamers who love farm games. So download ZingPlay Cloud Garden for Android to unleash your favorite flowers!

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