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Zim City is a virtual city with city dwellers who are young people all over the country online with their mobile phones participating in game characters. The game is compatible with many java devices and has an emulator on PC.

In the Game you will be a citizen of the bustling virtual city, you will have to practice the hard-working farmer farming and breeding to get the precious coins from your lovely farm.

In addition, you can make friends, chat, learn English, fish, play cards to relieve stress …

The game interface consists of 8 zones:

1. Park area: Where young people exchange, meet, get married, learn English.

2. Farm area: A place to experience the feeling of being a farmer such as planting, raising animals, enjoying the fruits of labor you have created.

3. Suburbs:

  • Join the game: Diamond, crab election, caro, chess.
  • View and accept quests.

4. Eco-area: A gathering place for young people who are passionate about fishing.

5. High-end zone: Where gamer players shop for unique and stylish clothes.

6. Housing: You can buy yourself a private house here, unleash decorating your own house with diverse and rich objects. Visit friends’ houses.

7. Airport area: You will be to beautiful Hawaii beach, shopping for cute swimsuits or participating in games such as Forward, phỏm, caro, chess.

8. Entertainment area: Where to buy fashion items such as clothes, glasses, hats, hair …. and participate in games: Diamonds, crabs, checkers, chess.

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