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Youtubers Life is a business and life simulation game released by U-Play Online on Steam . As its name suggests, Youtubers Life simulates the life of one of the most famous blogger videos in world history with a daily job of editing videos, expanding its fan base and getting rich thanks to its Vlogs!

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In Youtubers Life , you’ll have the opportunity to become the most popular content creator on YouTube . Start with character creation and making your first Vlog in a small family room – where you were born and raised from a young age. Focus on your daily tasks and “socialize” your life to find fame, the way you interact with fans, friends, family in the style of a time management game . 1 Youtuber will be very busy and always lack of time, it is important that you know how to arrange and prioritize the work to be done first, the hard work to do later to complete everything as required.

In a way, Youtubers Life has a similar play to The Sims but puts you at work and a more specific life – it’s a content star on YouTube. You will have to manage a specific character, build a career for him to become famous on the Internet.

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Not only managing videos on personal channels, but also taking care of both the character’s academic and social life. As the protagonist developer, you have to manage both other employees and develop the content network. This is an opportunity to create videos for friends, make videos through advertising contracts. Profits from video advertising help you buy additional equipment and equipment upgrades, access resources to level up the skills of the character.

The main feature of Youtubers Life

Game channel

Become the top gamer on the Internet. Participate in new game introductions, buy classic or new game consoles, buy online games, wait for the game to be transported home to start shooting game introduction videos, gaming guides for everyone.

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Music channel

Do you want to become an online music star? Try playing up to 30 different instruments and master the music genres that are causing a fever. More than 10 genres of trendy music are waiting for you to discover. You can produce video covers, sheet music, duets and focus on live concerts.

Cooking channel

Own a new cooking channel in which you will shoot fascinating cooking topic videos. Buy ingredients, choose appropriate kitchen utensils and create new recipes. The video will give the audience tips on cooking, new dishes … that any housewives are interested in!

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Youtubers Life game configuration

  • Operating system: Windows XP and above.
  • CPU: Intel i3 or equivalent.
  • RAM: 2GB.
  • Graphics: 512MB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce).
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c.
  • At least 3GB free hard disk space for installing and playing Youtubers Life.
  • The game should be played at 16: 9 resolution. You can check the quality settings in the game if there are errors when playing.

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