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YouCam Makeup is the perfect makeup application for women. With advanced facial recognition technology, YouCam Makeup will help you own an angelic face in a flash.

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New points on YouCam Makeup

  • Additional accessories to use for portraits.
  • Change skin tones to fit the context.
  • Close-up with cam makeup video in full screen

This software uses face recognition technology with the ability to accurately detect facial expressions, making the makeup process easier and more realistic.

YouCam Makeup provides you with a full set of makeup tools like real life, from the option of applying foundation, foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara drawing, blushing, lip liner, lip painting, whitening. tooth…

Please install YouCam Makeup for Android today to help you become beautiful, radiant full of life in all photos.

Some salient features of YouCam Makeup for Android

Help users own a smooth, flawless skin

  • Change the skin tone, help you become whiter or own a healthy tanned skin easily.
  • Using a virtual brush, helps the face become smooth, covers the blemishes on the face, gives a naturally beautiful face without resorting to complex makeup tips.
  • The skin color change tool helps to remove traces of tired skin.
  • Remove freckles, pimples, help users become confident with their photos.
  • Advanced tool to edit the contours of the nose, transforming faces become more elegant.
  • Fix the corners on the face.

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Eye makeup, creating unique accents for the face

  • The intelligent tool in YouCam Makeup has the ability to remove red eye errors, lighten the dark eyes or even help users own large eyes.
  • Allows testing different eye tones until a satisfactory result.
  • Supports many different eyeliner models, bringing a variety of makeup styles for girls.
  • The mascara drawing tool helps adjust the eyelash thickness and length.

Pink lips

  • Users can choose from a variety of lipsticks, from lip gloss, matte lipstick, red lipstick to nude lip color, make sure they will find a model that suits their makeup style.
  • Tool to whiten teeth, make your smile more shine in the picture.

Real-time skin beauty effect

  • YouCam Makeup supports automatic image beautification tools, helping you own shimmering selfies.
  • Direct skin beauty technology has the ability to smooth, giving users a perfect skin even without makeup.
  • Allow users to preview 14 different beauty styles to choose the style that suits them before taking a picture.

Provide helpful makeup tips

  • YouCam Makeup gives you the latest makeup tips, from face makeup, to nail painting, hairdressing or skin care.
  • Watch makeup tutorials videos from experts all over the world.

If you have any questions while using YouCam Makeup on Android, users are encouraged to send their comments to the application development team via [email protected]

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