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You Makeup is the perfect selfie photo editor and makeup on Android. Thanks to the powerful facial recognition, you can unleash make-up for your face to be beautiful in a flash.

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Turn faces in your selfie photos into sparkling vitality with You Makeup for Android

You took a selfie but forgot to make up to make your face look pale, lack of strength? Do not worry because now you have the help of You Makeup for Android , allowing you to makeup your face right on the image and become so sparkling, seductive in a snap.

You Makeup is a professional photo editing software for Android phones, with many beautiful effects. Wherever you are, confidently take a selfie and edit it. After being edited using the You Makeup app, the final product will be just like you have been makeuped and photographed by a professional studio.

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Unleash your style makeup with a variety of effects

You can help you have dark, round and sparkling eyes with beauty effects in You Makeup, or own a straight nose, V-lien face in seconds. You can also whiten your teeth, put on lipstick, put on chalk, make your cheeks more fresh.

With extremely good facial recognition, the application detects facial features and precise position, making makeup more natural and suitable!

You Makeup photo editing software has more than 100 makeup styles . Therefore, users can completely turn their face into cute, personality, sharp, or mysterious, attractive. Application as a professional camera and attracts more than 2 million users worldwide.

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Application integrated advanced face recognition technology, to help detect the exact position

Salient features of the You Makeup app for Android

Editing and makeup

You Makeup provides functions for users to own a beautiful photo quickly with just a few simple touches. Now, owning a picture with a beautiful face is easier than ever.

Automatic face recognition

Thanks to the integrated intelligent facial recognition system, the application is able to detect facial features faster and help your make-up process more accurate and natural.

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Turn photos into art paintings

Continuous shooting

Click one touch to take multiple photos, change different postures until you get the desired photo. Perfect makeup in seconds.

Many makeup effects

More than 100 effects are placed in dozens of make up themes, helping you quickly find the style you want and change every day.

Main function of makeup application You Makeup

Stunning camera

Not only is it used as a makeup application , You Makeup is also a selfie camera that helps you to have a sparkling picture. The camera has the same effects as other apps but is easier to use. Selfie a picture, choose a photo and start making yourself beautiful.

  • Face correction : Make black eyes, straight nose and V-line face in seconds.
  • Whitening : Possess a radiant smile with bright white teeth and red lips.
  • Beautify your eyes : Help your eyes become bigger and rounder by drawing eyelids.
  • Smile : Click Smile then adjust the mouth slightly upwards to help smile more charming.

Beautiful make up

Types of makeup : You have 4 default makeup groups including: Natural, Eastern, Western and men’s styles. Each group has more than 100 different styles, such as Summer, OL, Foreign, Macarons, Halloween … All can be downloaded to edit photos offline.

Freelance makeup : Users can beautify according to their preferences by editing skin, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick. More than 20 types of colors for you to choose.

Make up fun : The software has many funny makeup effects such as Rose, Caribbean, lace … Try it now to turn yourself into a queen or some unique character in seconds.

Easy sharing: Create a great selfie and share it on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter to show off to your friends.

Turn photos into drawings (PanitLab) : Turn your photos into works of art with just one touch. The app has a range of artistic photo filters that turn photos into great artworks in the blink of an eye.

How to use the You Makeup app on Android

  • Step 1 : Click on the camera, smile and take a photo, or choose a selfie from Gallery.
  • Step 2 : Try makeup your favorite style from the diverse effects in the application.
  • Step 3 : Click make up to have better makeup effects, become the most beautiful and attractive.

New feature

  • Add PaintLab function.
  • Add makeup effects.
  • Fix technical errors.

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