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Coming from the manufacturer of the Yasa Pets Hotel , Yasa Pets School for Android is a completely free school simulation game , suitable for both adults and children. In the process of exploring places in a high school, this educational game is sure to bring a fun experience for children.

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Time to go to school! Choose a locker and sit next to your classmates. Win a sports competition and celebrate with a pizza party. Then graduate with honors and go to the year-end prom. And there are many other interesting class activities waiting for her to discover. Experience the vibrant school life in the game Yasa Pets School for Android !

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Outstanding feature of the game Yasa Pets School for Android

  • Discover a new school full of exciting activities.
  • Help teachers provide interesting lessons for students.
  • Lots of cute rabbit students and adorable kittens to play with.
  • Lunch in the school canteen, sit next to the cute animal friends.
  • Practice doing interesting experiments in the school’s lab.
  • Collect school and sports themed outfits.
  • Join the school’s basketball and soccer team.
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  • Competition in gymnastics competition.
  • Visit the principal’s office, or visit the medical room.
  • Unlock the High School Graduation feature by collecting stars.
  • Graduated with a diploma and went to a photography studio.
  • Dress up in gorgeous clothes and go to a year-end party with the whole class.
  • Then invite your friends to go home to spend the night.
  • Is fun game completely free.

Note: Must be connected to the Internet to collect stars.

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Activities in the game Yasa Pets School for Android

High school graduate

Collect 6 stars to see the whole class graduate from high school. All students receive a special diploma and gown! There are also awards for outstanding students at the year-end graduation ceremony.

High school prom

Take a picture with your family in Yasa Pets School ‘s studio! Students will wear sparkling prom dresses and tuxedos for their memorable party night! Students in the school will never forget this special evening!

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When the bell rings, students must be present and sit at the table before the strict teacher comes! Make sure the rabbits and kittens have finished their homework and are ready for the test.

Science laboratory

Students will wear experimental coats and goggles before performing crazy experiments. Here, babies will be using advanced scientific equipment. Use them to observe the bugs in the sample container.

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School cafeteria

After hours of classes, students will head to the Yasa Pets School Android cafeteria, lining up to wait for a delicious lunch. The chef always cooks the best dishes for hungry students! Choose between pizza, grilled chicken or fish with a variety of healthy vegetables, then dessert with a sweet cupcake.

Public health station

When a student has a stomach ache or headache, the school nurse will take care of them in the infirmary. There are lots of medicines and plaster to put on the cast. The nurse can even let students lie in bed and watch TV instead of returning to the classroom.

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Principal’s office

The naughty student will be taken to the administrators room. The principal is always in the office to ensure that every student behaves well and draws his or her own lesson. Try not to let him see your baby running in the corridor, otherwise he will be called to the office.


All students love being active. Yasa Pets School ‘s gym has lots of exciting activities for people to explore and choose from such as basketball, soccer and gymnastics. There are many uniforms and sports equipment to use! After the exercise, your baby can take a hot bath in the dressing room. Participate in sports tournaments and receive trophies or medals as a winner.

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After class, invite your friends to your home to spend the night. Order pizza or burgers for dinner. Play games on the computer, watch TV and feed the parrots. Then, go to bed ready for school the next morning.

Yasa Pets School Android is completely free educational game! Download the game now to experience the exciting activities in this cute pet school!

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