Download Xilisoft Password Manager for Windows

You have too many passwords to remember and fear that one day I will forget important passwords? So let Xilisoft Password Manager help you , the tool will provide the best password management solutions to help you reduce your daily worries. With this advanced password management software, all passwords, logins, credit card numbers and any other confidential information can be stored in an extremely secure form.

To better protect your personal information, Xilisoft Password Manager provides you with a way to protect your login information and double your password protection, and also a password generator designed to protect you. Your secrets and get rid of the burden of password management. After downloading and installing Xilisoft Password Manager, you will not have to fear losing your password again.

Xilisoft Password Manager

Main features of “Xilisoft Password Manager”:

Store your personal information

Store all kinds of personal information such as accounts and passwords for banks, credit card numbers, login information and passwords for websites, email account access codes, pin codes, login and Password for computers, passwords for applications, passwords for documents, and more.

Automatically fill out forms on the web

This password management tool can automatically fill out web forms with your account and password.

Synchronize local data with Gmail data

Upload local data to Gmail server and read Gmail server data to create local database, simplify your data management.

Three ways to login to your database

Xilisoft Password Manager allows you to log into your database with a password, USB flash drive, or both. Login with USB flash drive and password make your data more secure.

Set the password for the logs

Besides setting up password protection for the database, you can set up more strong passwords for each record to ensure the security of your logs.

Integrated powerful password generator

The tool is designed so that no one can guess or steal your password, an integrated password generator to create passwords, including uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Lock the program safely

Automatically lock Xilisoft Password Manager when the mouse or keyboard is inactive for a certain period of time, screen saver is running or Windows lock to protect your personal information. You can also lock programs manually according to your own needs.

Password management settings for flash drives

In order for you to manage your password on any computer, this password management software allows you to install it on a flash drive.

Support multiple users with a standalone database and password

Many users can use independent databases and passwords to manage their personal information safe.

Restore history

Xilisoft Password Manager software records any revision history, you can restore any history at any time.

A series of custom log templates

Xilisoft Password Manager provides you with 30 templates to store all kinds of personal information, all templates can be customized to personalize your records and create new templates.

Manage your favorite database

Xilisoft Password Manager allows you to collect any database into favorites and set the database to be used most often as default for easier use.

Quickly find what you want

Determine the range of search keywords, appropriate options, … and search for the records you want quickly.

Stamp plate record

Bank Account, Calling Card, Car Info, Cellular Phone, Clothes Sizes, Contact, Contact Lens Prescription, Credit Card, Driver’s License, Email Account, General Purpose, Health Numbers, ID Card, Insurance Policy, Internet Settings, Library Card, Membership Card , Passport Info, Password, Prescription, Social Security Number, Software Security Number, Voice Mail Info, Voter Card, Web Site, Combination Lock, Emergency Numbers, Lens Prescription, Serial Number.

System requirements:

  • Operating system Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Intel Pentium 4 processor, Intel Centrino, Intel Xeon, Intel Core Duo or another compatible processor
  • RAM 512 MB or higher
  • 30MB free hard drive for installation
  • Super VGA graphics card resolution (800 × 600) or higher, 16-bit graphics card or higher.
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