Download Wrestling Revolution 3D for Android .APK

The classic martial arts game Wrestling Revolution 3D for Android has just got a huge update with quite a lot of additional features. In particular, the highlight is the tactics of attack and defense extremely eye-catching.

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D for Android .APK 1

Latest features of the wrestling game Wrestling Revolution 3D for Android:

  • More powerful kicks and attacks from the “Weekend Warriors” spin-off MMA .
  • Additional techniques for Gogoplata and Kimura attacks when you want to attack from chest to foot or use at the end of each Code Breaker.
  • Adding 4 new moves when performing techniques to attack Armbar and Guillotine Choke.
  • Additional Front Facelock and Muay Thai Clinch attacks.
  • Additional blow Rear Naked Choke.
  • Perform a Powerbomb wrestling from the ground when moving one leg.
  • Punch from the bottom (a type of Stomp ).

All you see is an American stadium and the bloody circle of wrestlers. The highlight is a circle for both people to fight at the same time, a series of characters and you can create a character with the ability and ability to fight on your own.

Join the revolution and witness the 3D wrestlers on your handheld device and write a history in the world of wrestling world, experience the unique, versatile imaging system and dozens of camera angles. different.

The main feature of the game Wrestling Revolution 3D for Android

Basic control keys:

  • Cursor = move (touch 2 times to charge)
  • A = Attack (attack: with a high aim, not low aim)
  • G = Grapple (summary)
  • R = Run (run)
  • P = Pick up / drop (pick and throw)
  • T = mocked the referee
  • EYE = change focus
  • HEALTH METER: converting characters
  • CLOCK = stop, change camera angle
  • This game is also compatible with Android controllers like NVidia Shield or MOGA Pro (mode B).

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D for Android .APK 2

Training mode

  • Click on either side of the options box to change it
  • When you change clothes, you will notice that the changes are automatically transferred from top to bottom, from left to right.
  • Change the perspective of the character


  • Using motion control buttons, the characters in the game will attack, wrestle, run, grab, taunt the opponent
  • In an effort to keep the performance as high as possible, the menu includes customizations displayed on the screen
  • The number of characters can be the biggest factor to turn off the referee and set a limit on the appropriate size
  • Choose the appropriate game mode
  • The ropes are demanding and you can squeeze the opponent if you make them motionless
  • Turn off the shadows and reduce the crowd details

Note that there are many buttons designed to operate in Wrestling Revolution 3D, so at first the player may not be familiar with the position and effects of each button but just through the training screen you can confidently fight with the strongest opponents.

Refer to Introduction Video Wrestling Revolution 3D for Android

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