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Billy Wild West is a new variation of the popular Hangman game!

Your task is to guess the secret word by flipping letter by letter. Initially, you only know the number of letters in a word, if you guess the correct secret letter, the word will appear on the crossword.

Download Wild West Billy 1

Join the game you will admire the stunning views on the theme of the Wild West. Moreover, there are many topics on: music, film, sports, …. can even create your own topics as you like and play immediately.

Some key features:

– Lots of topics to choose from.

– Topic editor.

– Adventure and Story mode.

– Instant Play mode.

– Music of the Wild West.

– Many weapons.

– 6 wallpapers.

– 5 challenges.

– All free.

System requirements:

– Processor: 500 MHz or higher.

– Ram: 128 MB.

– DirectX 7.0.

Tuyet Mai

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