Download Who is a millionaire for Windows

Simulated by GameShows Who is a millionaire one of the most beloved TV games on VTV3, with the version of Who is a millionaire 1.3.0 running on PC, you will enjoy the exciting moments but Extremely attractive.

Ai là triệu phú

How to play Who is a millionaire on the computer is not much different from the TV show gameshow, the 4-choice objective question answer form with 3 helpers: 50/50, phone calls for relatives, ask the audience in the studio and the right to stop playing at any milestone to preserve the bonus points available.

With vivid graphic interface, multimedia audio with the real program of MC Lai Van Sam, this is really a software that is fun to play and learn, especially for students – students to use for review knowledge.

Ai là triệu phú

In order to increase the attractiveness of the game since version 1.3.0, the author has added the qualifying test function for two people before actually playing (the function of playing 2 people on the launch interface) with the content Sorting words into complete sentences in control time is 20 seconds quite interesting. In addition, you can enter new questions for the question bank with the function of adding questions on the interactive interface.

Ai là triệu phú

Experience playing Who is a millionaire

Because the default question in the program includes many different areas, so for students who want to use the program to review knowledge by subject or subject, they can do the following :

  • Go to the two paths C: Program Files – La file data and C: Program Files No more users to find the two files containing question data are DaUser.ntn and Database.ntn.
  • Delete the contents of these two files and save them.
  • Use the function to add questions to enter new sentences according to the subject or subject you need (enter Vietnamese standard VNI).

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