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Vineyard Valley for Android is an exciting new building block breaking game on Google Play . In the game, you have the duty to restore a beautiful resort by passing the screen beating the fun star .

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Challenge yourself with exciting star-beating screens to restore and decorate the family’s dream resort! Vineyard Valley ‘s famous resort is in a shambles and is in dire need of restoration! Discover the horrific secrets of Tangled Vines and restore this vineyard into a popular resort.

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Overcome all challenging levels to design and renovate your own vineyard resort. Make friends, team up with lovely characters full of personality and uncover the secret curtain here. Complete all the tasks to develop your resort business, from attentive customer service, restaurant opening to renovating a popular resort.

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Gameplay similar to Sweet Escapes and Lily’s Garden, each time completing a screen play in the game furnishing Vineyard Valley for Android, you will have the opportunity to express creativity and talent his architecture by design , decorating the kitchen, seating and outdoor areas of the resort; Or play the fun star level with many sweet effects to remodel every place in the vineyard. Do not be afraid to carry too many things, the lovely people in town will help you.

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Are you ready to unveil the veil of mystery, solve the troubles and experience the romance of love yet? Immerse yourself in an awesome brick-and-mortar building game or Vineyard Valley Android , discover the stories of new friends and bring the vineyard resort back to its heyday!

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Salient features of the game Vineyard Valley for Android

  • Build, renovate and revitalize a resort combining beautiful vineyards.
  • Meet new characters, discover their stories and secrets.
  • Overcoming challenging brick breaking game.
  • Activate the booster and create many power combos, making it faster on the table.
  • Compete with other players to climb to the top of the online rankings.
  • Join the gaming community, connect with many other players around the world to have the opportunity to unlock special items for your resort.
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Vineyard Valley for Android is a free puzzle game , however, some items and additional content in the game must be purchased with real money. If you do not want to charge, players can turn off the in-app purchase feature in the settings of the device.

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