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VIMAGE is a Cinemagraph creation application, which allows users to insert animation effects into images, turning them into vivid works of art.

Introduction to Cinemagraph animations

Cinemagraph animation is a new concept born in 2011, saved as a .gif (Graphics Interchange Format). However, Cinemagraph can customize static areas – dynamic areas, unlike traditional .gif files. To create a Cinemagraph, photographers can use professional cameras, digital cameras in combination with post-production software. However, a number of applications now allow capturing and saving animations right on a smartphone, and VIMAGE is a typical application. (Source: Wiki).

You can use the VIMAGE image capture and processing application to create Cinemagraph animations for posting on Facebook , Instagram and other social networking sites. In addition, VIMAGE is also a great tool for users to freely create, express their personality with unique animated images.

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Turn your photos into stunning animations with VIMAGE

Salient features of VIMAGE animation application for Android

  • Easy to use and interesting.
  • Many diverse features: Vimage of the Day (vimage effect of the day), Bee (flying bee effect), Running clouds (floating cloud effect), Bird Fadeout (flying bird effect fading), Moving Starry Sky ( sky effect), Fireworks (fireworks effect), Shooting star (meteor), …
  • Utility photo editing mode. Users can use VIMAGE as a common image editing tool.
  • Nice interface, smooth and responsive touch.

How to use VIMAGE for Android

  • Open VIMAGE on your phone and press the ‘+’ button to take a photo or select a photo from the camera library (please edit your photo before adding effects).
  • Choose an effect you like and think it suits your photo. Currently, the application has more than 70 built-in effects and is constantly being updated.
  • Apply the selected effect to the image. Customize it as you like – users can zoom in or out, change the direction, change colors, opacity and many other modes in the image.
  • Save photos to the gallery, share it on Instagram or any other social network with just one button.

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Create Cinemagraph animations in seconds

Freedom to create unique and stylish animations with VIMAGE !

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