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Considered to be the most anticipated blockbuster this summer, “Leaf Village Adventure Adventure” – an action role- playing game with Soha’s “bold” horizontal screen style of Naruto is making gamers of MMORPG series in general and Naruto’s fans in particular look forward to day by day.

This is considered one of the rare Naruto games to be exploited right, close and closest to the famous ninja comic series of the same name. It is known that this is a product made entirely by Vietnamese people, so the characters in the game are extremely cute “chibi-er”.

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With the design of playing in 2D q-style graphic style, even the most fastidious player can not ignore the cute and funny characters and the context in the game.

With the main character class initially consisting of 4 members, but after a while, we can change our appearance and choose any member we like in the comic. Say no, if you just play the Hidden Leaf Village game , even the Akatsuki you hate it will become extremely cute.

The main highlight of the game Villagers adventure

  • The character class is designed with chibi style, extremely cute and funny
  • Simple interface, easy to play, has an original guide for beginners
  • Graphic design 2D q-style makes the game more beautiful, and even an action game, but the fighting phase is still extremely lovely
  • Players fully enjoy the feeling of mastering their characters as being transformed into the characters themselves
  • Not only a mobile game, but Konoha Adventure is also a Naruto action game that is rated for fans of the Naruto series. Because the characters in the game retain their personalities, appearance and skills similar to the original series (Sharingan, Eight-Tails, limited kekkei, ninjutsu …)
  • Automatic combat system
  • Impress and win the players’ hearts from the well-cared lines
  • Is a non-fighting game, ensuring fairness for players. The decisive factor in winning is your skill as well as how you build, coordinate with teammates while on missions.

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The main character classes of the Adventure Leaf Village include 9 characters Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, Kiba, Neji, Ino, Hinata and Tenten. But actually in the game there is another box with the Akatsuki group symbol . It’s unclear what the publisher’s intention is, but many “Nine-Tailed Fox” fans guess this is an umbrella for Uchiha – Sasuke’s brother, a member who is considered an enemy but is actually a mighty hero. Great village of Konoha.

New feature in Leaf Village adventure sign – Solving Blood Revenge

Mysterious Ghost Candy

From 30/10 – 23:59 am on 12/20, players go to NPC Kha Anbu at Konoha School to make Mysterious Ghost.

Download Village Leaf Adventure signed for Android .APK 3

Raw materials for Candy:

Download Village Leaf Adventure signed for Android .APK 4 Pumpkin: Received through fighting monsters with a difference of about 5 levels compared to the character level, hitting the elite monster (with probability), beating the leader monster (100%) dropped.

Download Village Leaf Adventure signed for Android .APK 5 Wraith Wrapping Paper: Buy from the Gold Shop.

Note: Pumpkin items from last year’s event will not be reused.

Making Ghost Candy:

  • Made of unlocked silver:
    • 1 tablet: 40,000 silver + 5 Pumpkin.
    • 10 tablets: 400,000 silver + 50 Pumpkin.
    • 100 tablets: 4,000,000 silver + 500 Pumpkin.
  • Made of silver buckle:
    • 1 capsule: 10,000 silver keys + 5 Pumpkins + 1 Wrapping Wrapper.
    • 10 members: 100,000 silver keys + 50 Pumpkins + 10 Wraith Wrappers.
    • 100 pills: 1,000,000 silver keys + 500 Pumpkins + 100 Wraith Wrappers.


Using Ghost Candy randomly drops one of the following items, with no limit on the number of daily use:

  • Dracula Cloak: Shelf life is 7 days, horizontal index of Hien Hien Cloak 6x. In addition, there are 5 more types of effects.
  • Disguise Dracula.
  • Refined stone: The item used to refine the equipment index at the Blacksmith.
  • Disguised Karin.
  • Disguised as Suigetsu.
  • Disguised as Juugo.
  • Disguised Bach Zetsu.
  • Kabuto disguise.
  • Silver chest.
  • Golden chest.
  • Silver chest.
  • EXP.
  • Silver buckle.
  • Rock (random stone 7 – stone 11).
  • Herb.
  • The jar of amber.
  • Low-maintenance bread.
  • Practice card (valid for 7 days).
  • Color box (shelf life 7 days).
  • Companion consistent (shelf life 7 days).
  • Potential order (shelf life 7 days).
  • Order skills (shelf life 7 days).
  • Bleaching (use shelf 7 days).
  • Name change card (7 days validity).
  • Bags (random bags level 1 – level 3).
  • Skill book (Profile).
  • Potential book (Sister).
  • Skill book (Chinese).
  • Potential books (Chinese).

Hexagonal Card

Devils will randomly enter the monsters, bring greens and collect souls from them in exchange for the Six Paths.

Hexagonal scorecard:

  • If you bring a Lu Lo Luc Dao – No Lock (sold in Gold shop) or in a bag, then when you kill the Devil, you will gain the soul into Ho Lo (1 Devil = 1 soul).
  • When Lu Lo Luc Dao accumulates 10/10 souls, he will convert it into a Six-Point Scorecard, which can be exchanged for items at NPC Kha Anbu’s messenger.

Card hexagons:

  • If you bring a Lu Lo Lu Luc – Lock (sold in the Golden Lock shop) or in a bag, then when you die, you will gain souls into Ho Lo (1 Devil = 1 soul).
  • When Ho Lo Luc Dao accumulates 10/10 souls, he will be converted into a Hexagonal Card – Key, which can be exchanged for items at the messenger of NPC Kha Anbu.

Note: If there is no jar of Ho Lo, fighting Thi Dem will get 1 Pumpkin.

When collecting all the necessary materials, go to NPC Kha Anbu in exchange for extremely rare items of Adventure Village Village:

  • White Zetsu’s disguise: 5,000,000 silver lock + 20 Six-point scorecard + 10 Hexagonal card
  • Kabuto’s disguise: 15,000,000 silver keys + 85 Six-point scorecard + 15 Hexagonal card
  • Minato Disguise: 30,000,000 silver key + 150 Six-point hexadecimal card + 20 Six hexagonal card.
  • Madara disguise: 40,000,000 silver key + 190 Six-point scorecard + 40 Hexagonal card
  • Hashirama disguise: 40,000,000 silver keys + 190 Six points hexagonal card + 50 Six hexagonal card.
  • Disguise Obito Hexagon: 30,000,000 silver key + 210 Hexagonal scorecard + 90 Hexagonal card.
  • Disguise Witch: 2,000,000 silver lock +10 Card hex.
  • Pumpkin Disguise: VND 4,000,000 silver key + 25 Six-card hexagon.
  • Dracula disguise: 6,000,000 silver keys and 40 hexagons cards

Try your luck on gold

Visiting NPC Kha Anbu, try gold luck, with 20 gold / 1 time, 10 times / 1 character / 1 day. Prizes received are: Disguise Obito Six, Dracula and Disguise Dracula.

Download Village Leaf Adventure signed for Android .APK 6

Divine Wish

Every day gamers can wish at the Spirit at 00:00 – 16:59. What wish will receive the corresponding gift:

  • Wishing to increase EXP: Increase 100% of the experience gained when fighting monsters for the next 18 hours.
  • Desire to increase silver lock: Increase 100% of the silver earned when fighting monsters in the next 18 hours.
  • Desire to increase Charka: Increase 250 Charka in the next 18 hours.
Download Village Leaf Adventure signed for Android .APK 7

Each wish will be charged an unlocked silver and Charka as follows:

  • 1 chance: Minus 2 Charka and 20,000 unlocked silver.
  • 10 chances: Minus 20 Charka and 200,000 unlocked silver.
  • 50 chances: Minus 100 Charka and 1,000,000 unlocked silver.

After 21:00 the amount of Charka spent to wish to return to the character. At 9pm, the luckiest player will receive 80% of the total unlocked credits of all players wishing for all 3 types and related prizes.

As one of the Vietnamese games is paying attention to the smallest details (sound) to ensure to bring a great experience to the players. You can clearly tell this through the sound of weapons clashing, footsteps running, leaves falling on the ground or the sound of running water …

Download Village Leaf Adventure signed for Android .APK 8

Perhaps after 10 years, this is the first time fans of “Seventh Hokage” have to be so anxious and looking forward to it. It’s not clear exactly when the Hidden Leaf Village will officially launch, but given what we’re hearing and talking about, it’s clear this is a Naruto role-playing game that can raise the heat for this summer. .

Video game Village Leaf Adventure

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