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Chess game is considered as an entertainment game that is both popular and intellectual with a beautiful interface, the chess pieces move smoothly.

With 32 pieces and two opponents facing each other on a chessboard. Each person has to calculate themselves to get the smartest move and the most dangerous victory.

Play regularly and enjoy the game Tuong Tuong Online to stimulate the excitement of the brain and train yourself with sharp thinking.

The main feature of the game Vietnamese Chess – Chinese Chess – Chinese Chess

  • Game modes: Play Online, Play via Bluetooth, Play Offline: Fight with machine, Two players, How to play chess, How to play chess, Create a chess.
  • Chinese Chess or Vietnamese Chess: supports both Online, Bluetooth and Play mode (Co Up, also known as dark chess is a very good variation of chess, played popular in the world as well as in Vietnam. The chess pieces that were first placed face down except for the Chess pieces and randomly shuffled then follow the normal chess game.The first move of the face up chess must follow the rules of the chess at the position it is occupied After the first move, the pieces are flipped and from the second move the pieces will follow the rules of the chess)
  • Languages: English, Vietnamese
  • Automatically save the chessboard and reload
  • Extract game to GIF animation file
  • Arrange chess pieces to play with the device, via Bluetooth or save
  • Save and reopen the game
  • Redo after Undo, makes it easy to analyze the move
  • Water alert valid for novices to play
  • Rank the best player according to Elo score.
  • Very good application, simple interface, intuitive, lightweight software optimized with small capacity suitable for all types of machines. Optimized to balance effects and minimize battery consumption.
  • The machine thinks fast, responds well, moves smartly, hits extremely well, super hard to win at the highest level.

The application requires the following permissions:

  • Location access: ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Use for finding nearby Bluetooth devices to connect (required from android M)
  • BLUETOOTH, BLUETOOTH_ADMIN: Allows play via Bluetooth
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Allows saving game data to external memory

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