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UltraViewer or UltraView is a computer control software that supports customers or employees remotely without sitting directly on a computer that needs support.

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Remote computer control very easily with UltraView

If you are a professional computer user, it will be in a situation where someone asks you to support software repair or setup on the computer. However, you are not always willing to go to the sun to come to support, for that reason, remote control software such as TeamViewer or UltraViewer was born.

Highlights of UltraView

  • Help you can control and support remote computers.
  • More than 4,000,000 downloads worldwide.
  • Free for little drivers.
  • Features are easy to use.
  • Application in online teaching.

UltraViewer will help you connect to a remote computer to perform all operations on that computer, making your work simple, fast, and much more convenient.

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The main feature of UltraViewer

Safe remote computer control

UltraViewer is designed to support customers and partners remotely. So the person in control can see what you do on the screen and regain control when they want.

Communicate even while connected

You can control and chat with the controlled person very conveniently via the Chat window built on UltraViewer . You can press F1 to quickly turn on / off the chat window while supporting.

Very easy file sharing

With UltraViewer , you can send files to partners and receive files easily and securely. All operations are under the supervision of the controlled person.

Connect multiple devices at the same time

You can control multiple computers at the same time or share your screen for multiple computers to view at the same time.

Price list UltraViewer

UltraViewer Free UltraViewer VND 1,000 / month
  • Free control of limited computers UltraViewer
  • Free update when a new version is available
  • Unlimited number of devices used
  • Unlimited number of connected devices
  • No limit for any additional features
  • Control both expired UltraViewer machines
  • 0-10 machines: 3,000 VND / machine / month
  • 11-80 machines: 2,200 VND / machine / month
  • From 150 machines: 1,000 VND / machine / month
  • When connecting to a computer that has not been connected to in the past 30 days, UltraViewer will charge as a new computer and charge fees based on the above price list.
  • Feel free to upgrade when there is a new version at no additional cost.

Installation instructions UltraViewer

Step 1: Download UltraViewer to your computer, then double-click the installation file. When Setup UltraViewer window appears, click Next to install.

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Step 2: Select the folder to save the installation of UltraViewer, the default will be C drive, then select Next to move to the next step.

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Step 3: If you want to create a shortcut on the desktop, leave the checkbox in the Create a desktop shortcut box , leave it unchecked, and then click Next.

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Step 4: Click Install to begin the installation process of UltraViewer on the computer.

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Step 5: The installation process takes a few seconds, it depends on the configuration of your computer.

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Step 6: Finish the installation process, if you want to launch UltraViewer always, leave the checkbox selected in the Lauch UltraViewer box, otherwise remove the check box. Finally, select Finish to complete the installation process.

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Step 7: The main interface of UltraViewer appears, you only need to ask for the ID and password of another computer to be able to remote control. Of course, the other device also has UltraViewer installed.

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