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TS GO for Android is a minigame of the legendary TS Online game. The game has quite interesting gameplay, simple and full of fun, reminiscent of the previous Pokémon Go game.

However, instead of going around catching Pokemon, players are tasked to catch Three Beans Love and TS Go also only uses the navigation system to determine your location.

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The unique features of TS GO for Android

Not so vivid and diverse as in the Pokemon games we have played before, but Ba Dau Yeu in the action game TS Go has a quite lovely and beautiful design.

Three Dau Love in TS GO has 4 systems:

  • Water
  • Address
  • Fire
  • Phong

They will randomly appear around the player, we can detect and recognize whether the Three Love Beans can catch or not, through the positioning circle, specifically:

  • Around the player there will be a dark brown circle, if there is a symbol of Ba Dau Yeu appearing in that circle, we can catch.
  • If appearing outside, the player will have to move to get closer to them.

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The gameplay of TS GO is very similar to the previous Pokémon Go game

Game built balance factors to create comfort and fun for players. The distance between “vegetarian” and recharge players will no longer matter. This is a new and quite interesting point of a mobile game product.

By catching different types of Ba Dau Yeu, players can accumulate in exchange for Super Giftcode. A small “hint”, that is if there are 10 gamers gathered on the map, Ba Dau Yeu Hoang Kim with many rare VIP codes will appear as a small gift to cheer players.

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How to play basic TS GO for new players

  • To catch Three Beans Love players will use the Grid (a special tool, can be understood as Pokeball in Pokémon Go).
  • The player chooses and touches the Three Beans Love icon in the circle to start the screen. Each operation “catch Three Beans Love” will need to consume 1 Grid (like throwing a ball of Pokeball).
  • The rate of catching Ba Dau Yeu also has a certain probability of success, not always 100%.
  • Ba Dau Yeu Hoang Kim is a special Ba Dau Yeu (BDY). Although not appearing often, but players will have a 100% success rate catch this type of cardinal. Each account will also be set up to meet and receive up to 2 Ba Dau Yeu Hoang Kim every day.
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How to earn more Net catch Three Beans Love in TS GO

The grid is an essential and indispensable tool if the TS GO player wants to win the Three Love Beans. However, the number of Grids is limited and the player does not always catch Three Beans of Love with only one throw.

So, not only choose the position, how to hit the net so effectively to save the Grid, but how to get more TS GO Play Mesh is also a matter of concern for gamers. You will get more Grid in TS GO when:

  • Get 10 Grids : When you first join the game
  • Get 2 Grids : When making login every day
  • Receive 1 Grid : When a friend is successful with a friend code (both those who send invitations and receive invitations will receive 1 more). You can get up to 20 Grids from making friends.
  • Get additional 1 – 3 Grid : When the number of friends reaches 5-10-15 friends and log in daily. Can receive up to 3 Nets / day.
  • Receive an additional 1 Grid : When logging in to the game and performing the Share feature, you can receive up to 2 Grid per day.
  • For all the three types of Love that have been captured while playing, we can use them in exchange for valuable giftcode in TS GO. These are also the codes that will be used to play TS Online Mobile.
  • If you do not want to redeem this gift code, you can also keep and exchange it for a spin to receive other valuable gifts.

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