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Interesting puzzle game Tricky Color with simple but extremely funny and cute icon images will test the ability of the player to monitor and sharpen when choosing the given symbols and avoiding the certain colors.

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Tricky Color puzzle game interface look interesting on the computer

Can be installed and played on phones and computers, Tricky Color is a great choice for entertainment because the gameplay is not complicated, simple images and many other interesting things will make you want to play forever.

Tricky Color’s menu offers a wide range of options such as view scores and achievements, access settings (to adjust the sound), see instructions and visit the game store. Besides are the game mode options. The game offers 6 game modes in which the first mode is Original Mode. Other modes will gradually be unlocked with tokens earned in the game. These tokens can also be used to buy other symbols for gameplay in the game store.

Other Tricky Color game modes include Rotate Mode, Double Mode, Smiley Mode, Shuffle Mode and Reverse Mode . Although more or less different in terms of challenges, but the general way of playing is that you will have to find the certain symbols that the game requires and avoid the given colors.

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How to play simple with a lot of different game modes to gradually unlock

Tricky Color shows an icon in the Find section and one (or more) colors in the Avoid section . Your task is to click (or tap) to select the symbols while avoiding the predefined colors. The game starts with a certain amount of time and when choosing the right icon, the player will be added a bit of time. Later, the more icons are added and the more colors to avoid. The game ends when you make a mistake or when time runs out.

At first the game may seem easy, but when the number of cells on the table is higher (from about 16 cells), the gameplay is quite stressful when both looking for a picture and avoiding the given colors. The images are also very easy to confuse players with just a few small changes. Particularly, Original Mode was difficult, other game modes also brought more diverse challenges for gameplay such as Rotate Mode to make the tiles rotate randomly.

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The image of the playing table interface on Windows Phone

If you love challenges in other game modes, you can use the earned tokens to unlock them. The thing is, it will take a lot of time because to unlock all these extra game modes, you will have to have 3,100 tokens. Overall Tricky Color is a fun but challenging puzzle game. Playing with a mouse on Windows PC is probably a bit difficult because the screen size makes the game load longer cells. If playing on the phone, then surely this is a very interesting time-killing game.

The main feature of the puzzle game Tricky Color

  • Up to 6 diverse game modes and very difficult.
  • Test your ability to observe and identify colors and objects.
  • How to play simple but very easy to confuse.
  • All free.
  • Great for killing time.
  • Gradually unlock new symbols and game modes.
  • Works on both computers and phones.
  • 3 choice of theme colors for the game.
  • Suitable for all ages.

Thuy Nguyen

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