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Trials of Heroes for Android 1.7.10 is a new, interesting strategy game on mobile. Your task is to gather the heroes, take them to battle against others and conquer the mysterious world in the game.

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Trials of Heroes is a unique strategy game, worth playing on mobile

Are you tired of stereotyped games, always forced gamers to “plow” the game all the time to get all the necessary things to upgrade, enhance the power of heroes? Then try playing the Trials of Heroes game.

Trials of Heroes strategy game for you to experience anytime, anywhere. Join the game, players can enjoy endless battles, be adventure with heroes through different lands such as prairies, swamps or invade mazes and dungeons. Even while offline, your heroes continue to fight.

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Grow your hero

Outstanding features of the game Trials of Heroes for Android

Idle style leisurely and relaxing

Players never have to worry about waiting online to play the game. Just set up an army, choose a map and send troops to conquer. After that, all the wealth of that land is in your hands. Coins, resources, equipment … the ability to automatically fight will bring everything you need to strengthen the hero power.

Defeat powerful monsters with cunning strategy

Adjust your team, combine different skills, choose the right equipment and try many different strategies to defeat the enemy. Even a slight change between a hero’s front and back can change the outcome of a fight.

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Create legendary equipment

Rich game content

Climb the Dark Tower to conquer endless challenges, complete missions with various heroes in the Pub, launch a full-scale attack in the Burning Crusade, forge legendary equipment for your heroes, Defeat bosses in the Dark Forest to receive special rewards and participate in many different raids … Plenty of interesting content is waiting for you to discover.

Fight with allies

Upgrade Guild skills in the Academy to receive bonuses, receive bonuses from Mine orders, win even more rewards by taking down multiple bosses and participating in a week-long Guild campaign with members. Try to win the last glory.

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Show off your power

Show off your skills in the arena

Unique Championship and Elite Trial tournaments are held in the arena. Operate your squad wisely, beat players from all over the world and always aim to win the Top 1 spot.

More than 100 powerful heroes

After being upgraded, your hero will be stronger and possess many unique skill effects. Their looks and abilities will surely surprise you. Try to collect all heroes in Trials of Heroes.

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Idle style is both interesting and relaxing

Summon your heroes now and start an exciting adventure in this mysterious land!

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