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Township is a unique game combining city building and farming on mobile devices and Android tablets. Share your vision of a great place to live.

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Harvest crops, run treatment facilities and sell goods to develop the town. Open cafes, cinemas and other community buildings to increase social living standards. Are you ready to build your dream.

Players will start Township for Android 6.8.0 with a small town starting fairly stable with a few plots of land plowed to grow crops. You start with wheat but then you can also grow other staple crops like cotton and sugar cane. Players receive 10 plots of land at the beginning and will be unlocked as the town’s population grows. This is related to managing the happiness of the townspeople, which determines how many people will leave to live in your town. Help people feel happy by building decorative buildings and other types of buildings. When they feel happy, you can increase your population by building more houses.

Like other games, players can sell the agricultural products they have grown in Game Township or invest in additional recycling areas to handle them. For example, if you’ve grown wheat, you can use the mill to grind it into flour, then transfer that flour into bakeries to make bread. Players will receive a much higher profit when selling 10 loaves of bread instead of just selling 10 units of wheat. This will give you more money to pay for decorations and level up the town faster. Over time, you can build more types of factories, which will often require expansion of the town due to their enormous size.

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Video introduction town building games on Android

Building everything is a Town ship point without taxes. Every player in Township for Android has a factory that creates important resources when building a building, such as glass. In order to receive the other resources that are missing, such as beams or concrete slabs, players need to deal with friends who can own the items but they haven’t used or purchased yet. them for real money. Although the prices of in-game items are quite reasonable, you will probably have to buy them very soon. When going deeper into this game with only a certain number of friends, this will cost you a lot of money.

Township for Android is still a game that brings a strong sense of development, properly designed tasks and visuals that satisfy the player. Although this game is not 3D or similar, it brings a bright and friendly interface, without the feeling of being patched like other games. It also works very well during testing, even on low-profile devices.

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Some key features of the game Township on Android

  • Play for free.
  • Use lots of community buildings and decorations to build your own dream town.
  • Plant crops and handle them in plants. Interesting and fascinating characters with quirky personalities will brighten up life in town.
  • Experience interesting, smooth and simple management.
  • Build famous places, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Big Ben clock tower and other buildings. Make changes to the landscape to suit your architectural needs.
  • Interesting animations and sounds help town become more bustling with life.
  • Interact with friends and share useful items on Facebook.

Some new features of the game Township on Android

Welcome to the latest version of Township’s game on Android with extremely new and unique features. Immediately update the game and experience it now.

Township for Android 5.6.1

New spring update with two events.

Life events:

  • Egg hunt on March 23, 2018.
  • Clean the park and eat rabbits to earn prizes.
  • New temporary recipes and 13 holiday themed decorations.


  • The tournament starts on April 13, 2018.
  • Upgrade aircraft and use fuel based on experience.
  • New recipes and 8 themed decorations.

Other function:

  • New decoration for co-op badges.
  • A new season in ancient Egypt began on March 20, 2018.

Township for Android 4.8.0

  • Join the new Restaurant Event starting on June 2, 2017.
  • During this event, players will temporarily manage a number of restaurants and maintain good performance to receive special rewards.
  • Own exclusive gifts in the event.
  • Collect 9 decorations festive style summer, colorful and fun.
  • Introduce collaboration cards when playing games with friends, in groups.
  • Feature requested by players: enable or disable online status whenever you want.
  • Identify coordinated tournaments according to badges.
  • Opportunity to find free treasure at sea.
  • Subscribe to Township’s YouTube channel right in the game.
  • Help the animals finish the race to collect lots of attractive rewards.
  • Additional 5 new decorating themes in the store for you to explore.
  • New upgrade: make your own cake to collect a surprise reward.
  • Add new languages: Simplified Chinese.
  • Add new characters.
  • Add new co-op missions: now you can mine ores and collect mining tools.
  • 3 new expansion villages and 4 zoos.
  • 3 new decorations in zoo store.
  • Add 2 new animals in the zoo: Macaw and Raccoon.



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