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If you love city building games like Cities XXL , Citystate or Cities: Skylines , you will definitely love the new Town City simulation game . Game Town City allows you to play for free on Windows 10 with exciting light gameplay, colorful graphics.

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In the game Town City for Windows 10 , you become the owner of a new city on the rise. Start from a small village, expand into a town and gradually become a busy city. Your mission is to expand the city, head to a remote island and own a wealthy metropolis.

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Town City game features

  • Extremely realistic life simulation game, suitable for everyone.
  • Simple game easy to play, suitable for both children.
  • No network required when playing.
  • Unlock hundreds of unique works.
  • Build a city on 6 islands. In later versions, new islands will be added.
  • Build houses and attract new residents with decorations, public entertainment works.
  • Profits from business.
  • Build towns on many types of terrain: grasslands, beaches, water, rocks, deserts …
  • Unlocking traffic works such as airports and ports.
  • Visit the island of other players around the world.
  • Collect daily rewards and unlock achievements.
  • Competition rankings on the Leaderboard.
  • Create beautiful cities according to your imagination.
  • Intuitive gameplay with over 200 missions, rewards and achievements.
  • Nice graphics, detailed.
  • Support both small and big screens like tablets.
  • Free game with some IAP packages to buy extended items.
  • Simple game, gameplay like The Sims .

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Like other city management building games, you will also have to spend a lot of time to take care of every little detail in the city. It is to build basic works such as houses, apartments, hospitals, banks, factories, schools … Besides, people also need entertainment in parks, zoos, cinemas, supermarket … Build a city that is true to life and makes people happy and happy.

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Town City PC is an offline game, so you can play it anytime, anywhere, independent of the Internet. Use your creativity and rich imagination to design your dream city. Unlock hundreds of unique works, build and upgrade them, create jobs for people, make money from works …

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The mission to expand the city will take you on an exciting adventure with countless tasks and rewards such as houses, skyscrapers, farms, shops, hotels, restaurants and many other beautiful buildings. .

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