Download Touch VPN for Windows

Touch VPN is security software for your surfing process, along with blocked web access and a number of other features.

Download Touch VPN for Windows 1
Touch VPN utility brings many features to enhance browsing experience and security for users

Surely you’ve ever been unable to watch YouTube videos with the message ” This video is currently not available in your country ” or unable to access many websites because it is blocked by many different factors. Now all the world of the Internet will expand with the Touch VPN utility. Not only that, this utility also provides security for your surfing.

The main feature of security software Touch VPN

  • Is a free VPN Proxy service with just one click.
  • Access to the website is blocked in any country.
  • Protect personal information from hackers.
  • Browse the web anonymously and securely with SSL encryption algorithm.

Introduce Touch VPN network software

As a simple, very easy to use and completely free application, Touch VPN connects users to multiple anonymous servers, making browsing faster. Touch VPN helps to overcome geographical barriers to help you access to any website anywhere. Many websites are blocked by private entities, government, schools or firewalls … but with Touch VPN, all are open to you. This circumvention tool can help block facebook, youtube and even VOIP restrictions.

Touch VPN can also protect users from Internet threats. When connected to a Wifi network, hackers can access users’ personal information such as names, passwords … Using Touch VPN, personal information will be encrypted and provide good security level. Best. In addition, when you want to surf the net hidden IP, prevent websites from being able to spy on you, Touch VPN will be an effective tool. The utility changes your IP address, thereby helping to make your online identity anonymous and Internet activities will no longer be tracked.

“Unlimited” is the most prominent thing when it comes to this useful application. Touch VPN is not limited in bandwidth and connection speed but depends on the number of users active on the server of Touch VPN. The utility offers a free server connection option from 5 countries including Denmark, France, USA, Netherlands and Canada. If you want to expand the server option you need to share the application on social networking sites.

Download Touch VPN for Windows 2
Choose a server from 5 free countries

A great solution for users of Google Chrome browser, Touch VPN will provide the highest security for your surfing experience.

Nguyen Thuy

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