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Toss A Paper – Throwing paper game with stress relief

Toss A Paper is a fun action-throwing paper game that helps you relieve stress, kill time extremely effectively.

You can play Toss A Paper game for free on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices. Graphics and gameplay of Toss A Paper are similar to paper throwing game Paper Toss on mobile.

How to play Toss A Paper is quite simple. In your hand is not a disc, platter or any heavy object, instead there is a piece of paper that is rounded like a small ball. The player’s task is to try to throw the paper hit the trash that is located a few meters away from your seat. Whether or not you have ever played Toss A Paper , this is a very interesting test to see where your potential and calculation are?

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Touch the screen at the right time and try to score as many points as possible in 1 turn. If the paper ball falls to the ground, your score will return to 0.

Game Toss A Paper for Windows is a game for office people, it requires concentration and a little calculation to throw that hit. The player has the right to adjust the wind intensity and the throwing direction on the screen, which means it is allowed to adjust the angle of throw to the left or right so that the paper ball falls into the trash.

There is not much to say about Toss A Paper PC because it is so simple and easy to play. But this is still a good choice if you are looking for a gentle entertainment game, without thinking too much.

Tan Thanh

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