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Torrex Pro for Windows 10 is a paid version of the BitTorrent download application. The application supports Windows 10 PCs, tablets, Windows 10 Mobile and HoloLens devices.

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Application interface supports downloading Torrex Pro files

Thanks to Continuum capabilities, Torrex easily changes to flexibly adapt to devices ranging from computers, phones to Xbox or HoloLens. No need for complicated knowledge, anyone can easily find, download and manage their torrent file downloading process with this application. Besides the paid version, the app also has the completely free version of Torrex Lite. This application currently supports Windows 8 and above but will soon become a Universal application like Torrex Pro.

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Images of torrent download applications on Windows 10 Mobile phones

The main feature of the download application is Torrex Pro for Windows 10

  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Smart device with flexible change ability on many devices.
  • Completely Universal App.
  • Continuum technology support.
  • There is support for operation in the background.
  • Ability to play media files immediately after the start of the download process (stream).
  • Integrated viewer for viewing image, video, music, text files.
  • Play videos in MKV format.
  • Many content types (cell, table or tree) with different colors.
  • Manage download process, prioritize files or filter downloaded files.
  • Ability to stop seeding before completing download.
  • Limit downloads on non-mobile connections.
  • Can change the location where the file is saved.
  • The connection is encrypted.
  • Control the download speed.

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