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Timeshift burst is a super-fast continuous shooting mode on smartphones, allowing you to capture 61 frames in just 2 seconds, capturing every moment of motion.

Today, photography is an important, indispensable and most used feature on mobile. Therefore, smartphone manufacturers and software developers are constantly introducing new features and new photography modes on their products. In particular, high-speed continuous shooting mode is a lot of people interested.

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Timeshift burst allows shooting 61 frames in just 2 seconds

Continuous shooting is a mode that allows users to automatically take multiple high-speed continuous photos in a given moment and then choose the most satisfactory photos or arrange them in a motion sequence.

Timeshift burst upgraded photographic experience with your phone using continuous shooting functions extremely fast. The app is so smart that it captures 61 frames within 2 seconds, starting shooting even before you touch the camera shutter button.

Therefore, Timeshift burst for Android is extremely perfect for capturing moving objects, capturing every moment.

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Using simple

How to use the Timeshift burst app for Android

Timeshift burst is easy to use:

  • Boot the camera and set it to the Timeshift burst mode.
  • To capture any scene, simply touch the shutter button.
  • 61 thumbnail images taken continuously will display on your screen.
  • Swipe the thumbnail image to move it.
  • View all frames in a continuous sequence by selecting the Timeshift icon in the lower right corner of the Timeshift bust image.
  • You can then save each image individually from the Timeshift burst viewer and share. They will remain in your device even after deleting original burst Timeshift images.

Note : Some devices only capture 31 frames due to hardware limitations.

The menu to select / share is only available if the Timeshift burst image is viewed in the Album application.

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