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Thimbleweed Park – Game of haunting Haunted Town

Thimbleweed Park is a Point & Click adventure game in the context of Thimbleweed Park, where players are rewarded with a verdict and discovery.

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Surely you have never set foot in such a place – a haunted hotel, an abandoned circus, a burnt factory, a corpse under the bridge, a toilet using vacuum tubes … 5 people There are any common points that converge in this town. Although they don’t know each other, they actually have an invisible bond between them. And what’s special is that they’re all being watched.

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When playing Thimbleweed Park for Windows, the player will have to answer a series of questions like:

  • Who does Agent Ray work for and does she get what they want?
  • What does Chief Agent Reyes know about the burnt factory 20 years ago that he didn’t tell anyone?
  • Will the ghost Franklin talk to his daughter?
  • Is Ransome – Clown Beeping a decent person?
  • Will game developer Delores leave behind his dream and return to his family?
  • And the most important thing is: why doesn’t anyone care about the corpse?

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After a long day and a night without sleep in Thimbleweed Park, all these questions will be answered. And in a town like Thimbleweed Park, corpses are a problem that no one cares about.

Thimbleweed Park for Windows 10 is an appealing horror thriller game with a unique adventure to Thimbleweed Park town. Take the time to explore the town, familiarize yourself with the characters and find answers to the questions in your mind!

Tan Thanh

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