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Dai Gia Tam Quoc for Android is a strategy card game that takes the Three Kingdoms game title on the mobile operating system platform.

Dai Gia Tam Quoc designs and shapes chibi-style characters extremely lovely. Combined with the beautiful game graphics techniques and novel gameplay, gives players an unforgettable experience.

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Special features of the Three Kingdoms Big Mobile

Play games without capital. Players can collect materials and create items themselves, after successfully selling these items in this role-playing game , you will receive money.

From here, we can continue investing in getting different types of buffs. When crafting any Martial Arts favorite equipment, they will automatically come to work for you, then we can team up and use these Chess Generals to compete with other players, compete for the Three Kingdoms. .

It is worth mentioning here, whether the character is brave or aggressive, how cruel or evil, with this action game , all turned into super cute chibi characters. Players are also allowed to design their own style, interior decoration for their shop.

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In addition, Dai Gia Tam Quoc also has a system of features and extremely diverse competition modes such as:

  • Arena System (solo 1vs1, 3vs3 …)
  • Battle
  • League
  • Three Kingdoms painting

One big difference in this strategy game compared to other products, is that instead of becoming a King, a champion in the squad, you will become a Grandmaster. With the goal of making money first, fighting later, you will need a lot of experience and tricks to be able to sell your products.

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