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The Music Machine is a horror adventure game called Music Machine. The story is about a little girl and a ghost traveling together in a frightening journey. See who they are, what they did, and what will this tour bring them?

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The main character in The Music Machine game is Haley, a girl just 13 years old, having a complicated relationship with her old friend Quintin. The boy is now a ghost and the strange thing is that Quintin always tries to kill Haley without any reason. It was this plot of Quintin that led them to a mysterious adventure in the desert island, where many others were murdered. On this uninhabited island, amidst the cells and trees, a mysterious building has been found, which contains secrets that we need to explore.

Main features of The Music Machine PC game

  • The game is a combination of adventure adventure and puzzle, there are many similarities with The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.
  • Horror elements show throughout the game atmosphere and storyline.
  • This is not the Unity Asset Store collection. From shaping, music, environment to graphics are carefully cared for and bring their own features. Sound effects create a creepy feeling for the game.
  • The plot is deep and independent, but is also considered an extension of The Moon Sliver.
  • Beautiful graphics with dark, gloomy colors create a mysterious and scary feeling for the game.

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System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP or higher.
  • Processor: Intel i3 or higher.
  • 1GB RAM.
  • AMD Radeon 6870 graphics card or equivalent.
  • DirectX: Version 10.
  • Minimum memory of 600MB.

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