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Become a brave explorer and take on the task of exploring a mysterious cave in The Greedy Cave game for Android 2.3.0, in this playground, you will have to fight the monsters you meet on the way. go.

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The Greedy Cave is an RPG strategy game with an interesting storyline

The Greedy Cave is a fascinating and novel role-playing strategy game on Android. The game is built with an extremely elaborate storyline, leading players from one interesting thing to another as a fascinating fairy tale.

The story begins in a very remote land, once a large continent called Milton. In that land, the power of rules is established by swords and mysteries, where men know only swords and magic to become the best warriors, the wise wizards. most or the greatest explorers. In that land, the kingdoms were separated by borders that were once a united area. Countless stories of alliances, upheavals and peaceful moments. But that was a story another day.

Background The Greedy Cave game begins in an Iblis kingdom in the far north, where little is known and forgotten. It is a wasteland, barren. The people were extremely miserable and had to dig for minerals for their lords in the southern region. On this occasion, the explorers stopped overnight here but did not linger long.

Until one day, a young explorer got lost and stumbled into a hole. The story will probably end when he doesn’t return. But he returned and brought a sack of gold and sparkling treasure.

Information about the adventurer’s wealth and unexpected wealth quickly spread throughout the north to the south and out to the entire kingdom. The warlords began to earnestly take brave warriors and adventurers to find monsters’ burrows and search for treasures. Even the farmers took part in this treasure hunt.

Suddenly, from a bleak and neglected land now suddenly became a bustling town. People set up camps, form groups to explore caves. The sharp traders also do not miss this lucrative business opportunity. They set up taverns, shops lined up like mushrooms near caves, sold equipment and potion to cater for the expedition.

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Fight monsters and discover the secrets inside the cave

The initial journey seems to have gone well. People enter caves, meet strange new creatures and discover treasures. However, here they also come across countless mysteries and no one knows where the secret of the secret lies.

As the exploration continued, the resulting uneven results divided the relationship between adventurers. Those who are late or weak cannot advance to the higher levels of the cave and have to stand by watching the veteran adventurers go deep inside, gaining loot. They begin to appear dark thoughts when they think that veteran arrogant adventurers. They wallow in suspicion, greed, anger and jealousy.

It all started when an adventurer disappeared in the cave. Many people speculate that he found great treasures and wanted to store for himself. Others say he was led to another world by the mysterious magic power in the cave. Others did not say anything, but they believed that he had been murdered and buried somewhere in a cave by some opponent. Although they do not know exactly what happened, many people continue to mysteriously disappear. Some adventurers fled to escape, others clung to hope and others waited to see what happened next.

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Collect weapons and level up to increase strength

In this playground, you are a young man placed in this special situation. So what can you find in a cave?

Use your wits to defeat monsters, learn various skills, get powerful equipment and challenge evil bosses. In addition, players also participate in solving the mystery of this cave.

With new and addictive gameplay mechanics, The Greedy Cave for Android attracts hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world to join the challenge. Try to see your intelligence to join this stealthy role-playing game The Greedy Cave.

Salient features of the game The Greedy Cave for Android on Android

  • The random cave level helps users to always have new experiences in each game.
  • Hundreds of monsters to defeat.
  • Collect hundreds of devices.
  • Hundreds of missions and achievements to conquer.
  • Addictive game, reform, upgrade, collect gold and rich systems for players to explore.

New feature

  • Adding 20 new floors of monsters and mighty bosses.
  • Add new caves and Dreamworld armor for you to collect.

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