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Temple Run for Android 1.9.6 is a 3D action role-playing game, in which players must overcome many difficulties to escape the temple with fierce demons.

Temple Run is an artifact-hunting game for Android. In the game, players will have to escape from the lair of the carnivorous monkeys by fleeing quickly from a maze temple.

Game Temple Run now has a version for Android. Friends and relatives are also playing this game, are you able to beat their scores?

You have just stolen a cursed mascot from the temple, and now you will have to run quickly to escape the search of the Evil Demon Monkeys. Check for reflexes when running through the walls of ancient temples and along cliffs. Swipe to turn left or right, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect points and buy support items, unlock new characters and see how far you can run.

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Run to survive in the game Temple Run for Android

The game begins with the scene where you are running out of a temple and being chased by a bunch of scary monkey monsters, and from there the player will have to run and run, running as far as possible. Imagine Usain Bolt running in Indiana Jones and maybe you will have more ideas when playing.

The control in Temple Run is also very simple. Players just need to tilt the phone during the run, glide to either side to turn left or right. Swipe up to jump over gaps or obstacles or swipe down to slide through tree roots or something like that.

What makes Temple run noticeable?

During the run, players will have to collect money in Temple Run, which can be used to upgrade with new items, tools or new characters. It’s great that you can upgrade everything without having to use real money, like the free iPhone games (although you can buy if you want).

Temple Run is a very addictive game when you may want to restart the game to overcome the farthest possible runs and complete different types of challenges.

The 3D graphics in Temple Run are awesome and feel like there’s Indiana Jones in them. Aztec bongo soundtrack also perfectly suits the context. Perhaps the only thing you can complain about Temple Run is that there are too few scenes in the game. It would be better to have a few different locations instead of just temples.

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