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TeamViewer is a remote control software that is extremely convenient and fast, can connect to any computer or server anywhere in just a few seconds. Because of its convenience, TeamViewer has won the hearts of many users.

TeamViewer 14.6.4835 is the latest version with lots of additional features.

TeamViewer 14

New standardization for support and remote control

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1.8+ billion
Connection device

40+ million
Daily session

> 500,000
Customer Satisfaction

> 200 million
Active users

Experience unprecedented performance with TeamViewer 14

New quality benchmark

  • Better quality for low bandwidth : So you can connect TeamViewer anywhere.
  • Reasonable server infrastructure : To increase stability and uptime.
  • Improve connection quality : Provide better global connection speed.

Outstanding performance

  • TeamViewer Pilot : Solve off-screen problems with augmented reality.
  • Customize device information : Let you hold all the relevant information in the palm of your hand.
  • Advanced device group : For easier arrangement and quick reference.
  • Execute commands with a click : Perform processes repeat by a click.
  • Enhance customer support accessibility : Provide more efficient service to increase customer satisfaction.

Better availability

  • Dark Mode : Increases concentration while reducing eye strain.
  • New design : Enjoy TeamViewer experience more clearly and effectively.
  • New iOS screen sharing procedure : The first solution for remote iOS support is now better than before.

Security priority

  • Reliable device management : More management options for optimal protection.
  • Made in Germany : Trust is built on the highest safety standards.
  • Compliance with GDPR

Experience a new, augmented reality solution in TeamViewer 14

TeamViewer Pilot

TeamViewer 14 helps IT administrators solve everyday challenges

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Speed is essential for information technology administration, both in daily tasks and emergencies. New time-saving features allow administrators:

  • Add up to 25 information to custom fields on your device and group them to better capture and process them.
  • Make updates up to 2x faster by using the save command and one click to run them throughout the session.

IT support teams can use TeamViewer 14 to help partners instantly

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In the position of technical support, customer satisfaction is always the top priority. With augmented reality and other customer-focused features, you’ll be able to respond quickly to customer support requests.

  • The servicecamp service solution now integrated into the QuickSupport module helps customers receive support faster and facilitates communication within the support team.
  • TeamViewer’s support for mobile devices is unique. Simplified screen sharing process makes it faster and easier to support iOS devices.

TeamViewer 14 for companies: Security first priority

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TeamViewer knows security is a top priority in most businesses. Therefore, it is also the “top” priority of this software. That’s why TeamViewer 14 is more secure:

  • Centralized management of reliable equipment control panels and emergency equipment relocation with one click.
  • Maintain reliable high security standards that meet the stringent German requirements.

Discover new features in TeamViewer 14

Premium + Corporate

Advanced equipment group

Quickly and easily group devices by the attribute most relevant to you

You can use customized device information to optimize management and organize your devices in the Computer & Contacts list to suit your current needs.

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One click remote command execution

Use scripts to automate routine processes and save time for everyday tasks

Upload scripts to the Management Console for easy and convenient access in each active session. Save time & money by automatically repeating the process.

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Premium + Corporate

Customizable device information

Add the information you need for your daily work to the device in the Computers & Contacts list. Display details such as operating system, manufacturer, part or any option.

Focus on configuring key areas for the company in the Management Console so colleagues can enter relevant information into the Computer & Contacts list.

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Increase performance on low bandwidth

On average 1/5 of TeamViewer sessions run on low bandwidth connections (<1 Mbit / s)

This new version improves the speed and reliability for users running on this connection thanks to intelligent adaptive compression technology, which automatically detects low bandwidth and adjusts compression.

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Improve connection quality

Experience better connection quality with significantly reduced latency. When you start TeamViewer, you will now connect to the closest server than the main servers in Germany.

The developer has expanded its network infrastructure around the world to increase efficiency while laying the foundation for future growth.

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Premium + Corporate

Integrating Servicecamp in QuickSupport

Make it easier for customers to access your service by giving them the ability to create a service camp ticket in the Quick Support module, even when offline support.

You can add custom information to actively collect details. Thanks to that, the support team is always well prepared for the session.

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Dark Mode

Dark Mode allows you to work as you wish. The dark background interface is more eye-friendly, helping you focus, especially in dark environments.

Feel free to switch between light and dark themes whenever needed on your PC.

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New design

Enjoy a cleaner, more efficient TeamViewer experience

Improved color palette provides a more intuitive design with simple button links and important layout changes. Discover the bright, fresh TeamViewer interface.

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The process of sharing new iOS screen

Open iOS screen sharing more effectively with new extensions. When a session starts, users can get help with a simple click .

Your connection partner only has to click the button embedded in the conversation in the QuickSupport app and start sharing the screen immediately.

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Reliable device management

Keep track of trusted devices and IP addresses

Administrators can also view all trusted company equipment and easily move them in an emergency for maximum security.

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Changes in the latest TeamViewer version

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TeamViewer 14.6.4835

  • Fix interrupt while streaming audio.
  • TeamViewer is fully compatible with the latest Apple operating system – iOS 13 and the latest iPadOS.
  • Released new add-ons to connect to mobile devices, here are the supported devices:
    • DMD Swedish digital music player.
    • Nokia mobile phone 4.2
    • VSmart smartphone.
    • Terminals, Pin Pad and Point-of-Sale from Nexgo.
    • In addition to the add-ons available for Sharp smartphones, TeamViewer now supports an add-on for Sharp digital displays.
    • Philips TPM1531 and TPM1532 monitors.
  • Minor improvements and other bug fixes.
Download TeamViewer 16

TeamViewer 14.5.1691

  • Fully compatible with the latest version of Windows 10 (0319) and Windows Server 2019.8.21
  • TeamViewer Pilot – Now users can add text to arrows and freehand drawings.
  • TeamViewer Pilot – Improve image quality for connections to iPhone / iPad.
  • Fixed a bug where blocking of file transfer connection to TeamViewer 6 and earlier versions.
  • Fixed an issue where blocking correctly closed connections to TeamViewer 6 and earlier versions.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the correct availability of TeamViewer Server ID on Windows Server 2019 system
  • Fixed a bug that increased memory usage while connecting to Android devices, causing TeamViewer errors.
  • Fixed a bug where the “overwrite all” button was lost in the file transfer window.
  • Fix crash errors sometimes occur when deleting files / folders in the file transfer window.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the remote system and TeamViewer connection were running in 8-bit color depth mode.
  • Fixed an issue where video of meeting participants cannot be recorded in certain cases.
  • Fix some other crashes.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.
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TeamViewer 14.4.2669

  • The new TeamViewer Pilot tab helps set up sessions more conveniently.
  • Integrate TFA into the login process (no modal dialog box).
  • Remove the old user interface, allowing to improve performance and user experience.
  • Servicecamp – Mobile compatible viewer
  • Fix CVE-2019-11769 error – Delete the feature that provides authentication of Windows admin accounts to update TeamViewer.
  • Fix file transfer errors causing the File transfer window to occasionally freeze.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the device from reading messages when not logged in.
  • Fix some other crashes.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
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TeamViewer 14.3.4730

  • Client experts in TeamViewer Pilot sessions can now freely hand-draw in addition to placing arrows.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented VoIP from starting directly from the start of TeamViewer Pilot session.
  • Fix the error of blocking copying & pasting image bitmaps from one device to another.
  • Fixed an issue that caused problems when uploading PowerShell scripts during a 64-bit session when 32-bit machine was used.
  • Fixed a problem with the connection block when using the PasswordB64 parameter as input for the TeamViewer.exe file.
  • Fixed a crash that prevented users from signing in to the File Box service during a presentation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused connections to mobile devices to be stuck while establishing a connection under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where the current session ID window was selected in certain cases when connecting a remote device via ID.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Switch Sides feature from working under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the screen sharing widget to not update properly in the current screen content when holding a meeting.
  • Fix other crash errors.
  • Make many small improvements.

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TeamViewer 14.2.2558

  • TeamViewer-UDP now also works in networks only for IPv6 or at some NAT-Technology blocking UDP over IPv4 while working.
  • With the new access control to execute a script of incoming and outgoing sessions that can be deployed through policies in the Management Console, users can now set up more detailed permissions.
  • Improve key performance for TeamViewer Pilot connections.
  • Quick setup Pilot connection partners.
  • Improve remote control performance by improving the way TeamViewer uses the network for optimal throughput.
  • Update the script menu during the session if adding, deleting or updating the scripts.
  • Improve the way TeamViewer handles CTRL movies in combination with other programs.
  • Fix bug when creating new directories while transferring files when copying from network drives.
  • Fixed a bug causing TeamViewer to hang when copying large files, especially from a network drive.
  • Fixed a bug that reduced the effectiveness of remote control when connecting to macOS devices that configured TeamViewer to start up with the system.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Excel application to crash when copying & pasting data in a local Excel file to a remote Excel file (only happens to local Excel files).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the video playing on the remote computer to hang while connecting when resizing the video window.
  • Fixed a bug where creating strange components on the screen when resizing video in a remote session.
  • Fixed a bug that made TeamViewer “consume” more memory than expected when transferring large files and using accounts with multiple partners on computers & contacts.
  • Fix some errors that cause other programs to hang.
  • Other minor improvements.

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TeamViewer 14.1.3399

  • After completing a script in the session, the server message is now displayed with an exit code and failed operations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the remote window to display strange components after minimizing and maximizing it.
  • Fixed a bug where strange components appear on the screen in some cases when moving videos in remote connections.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented screen updates after minimizing the remote control window.
  • Handling a number of other crash issues.
  • Fix and improve small.

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