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TeamViewer: Remote Control for Windows 10 is a remote control application for users of Windows 8 and above devices and the newly upgraded Windows Phone phone into the Universal App.

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Login to TeamViewer account to connect the computer with TeamViewer: Remote Contro l

TeamViewer is an application that gives users remote access to computers recently, with the addition of Cotinuum support when used on Windows 10 Mobile devices. This new feature is announced on the app’s Twitter page, and this means that users of Windows 10 Mobile devices using Continuum such as Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL can connect the phone to a large screen, keyboard, and mouse to use TeamViewer as a desktop application on your PC.

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Control your computer remotely with Windows Phone

Going to the Universal App brings many benefits to users when it is possible to install and use on all Windows 10 devices. be controlled or not remotely locked computer …

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Enter the ID of the partner computer to connect

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The installation options are the same for both computers and phones

Feature of remote control application TeamViewer for Windows 8

  • Control remote computers easily, whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux computer.
  • Maximum security with 256 Bit AES Session Encoding algorithm and 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange key exchange algorithm.
  • Contacts and computer lists are integrated into the application, allowing to view online status of other users and connect with them quickly.
  • No complicated configuration settings, easy access to remote computers even through firewalls and proxy servers.
  • Wake-On-Lan feature allows to open the remote computer, easily restart the computer or the server from anywhere.
  • Multi-screen feature allows easy switching between screens easily.
  • On phones, the app also supports use on large screens, accompanied by a mouse and keyboard with Continuum.

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