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TeamViewer QuickSupport 14.6.4835 is a software that allows remote control of computers, helping other computers to control the user’s computer, as long as they provide the ID and password to connect.

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There are times when there are problems on the computer that you do not know how to fix, or maybe you are having difficulty using a software product from a supplier, there is a quick solution to solve it. resolving such situations instead of going to the place? The answer is that the software allows remote control of TeamViewer QuickSupport computers.

Offering a number of customization options along with extremely easy to use, TeamViewer QuickSupport is a very handy application. No need to carry out any installation, users just need to drag the executable file anywhere on the hard drive and the software can be run directly from there.

Main features of computer control software TeamViewer QuickSupport

  • Allow remote control of computers, Android devices or iOS devices.
  • Access information of the device.
  • File sharing.
  • Wi-Fi settings.
  • Chat
  • View (and possibly remove) the device’s application list.
  • Secure connection with 256 Bit AES encryption algorithm.
  • Simultaneous display of the device screen.

After selecting boot, the software’s interface will display the ID address and password you need to share control of the computer to others.

Remote computer control

The controller has access to all files in the computer. The screen of the controlled device will appear on the screen of the control device and provide access to all data, information, software and applications. Not only is it used to control computers, TeamViewer QuickSupport can also control Android devices, as well as iOS devices. The only requirement is that all devices must also install this software.

File sharing

The software also allows two devices to share files just by copying and pasting, without having to worry about firewalls or ports being blocked like the use of other remote control software.


Without requiring administrative rights, TeamViewer QuickSupport can be used anywhere, on any device when users copy it to a USB or other mobile information storage device. Even after deleting this utility from the computer, it will disappear completely without saving any files on the hard drive. All of this shows the usability and flexibility of TeamViewer QuickSupport.

Instructions for using TeamViewer QuickSupport

After downloading the software, transfer the TeamViewerQS.exe file to the desktop so you can quickly find the software when needed.

When you double click, the software will start to launch and a screen to accept the connection will appear showing your ID address and password. For security, each session (or connection) will have a different ID and password, and only someone who has that ID and password will have access to your computer.

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The ID address and password that TeamViewer QuickSupport provides for each connection session

To proceed to allow another computer to control the remote computer , provide your ID address and password to the partner who will control the computer. Partner will enter that ID and password into their Teamviewer screen and the software will connect the two computers together.

Once connected, the screen of the controlled device will be hidden under the system tray similar to a software being enabled. To control the computer remotely, the partner just needs to turn on the screen and act as on their own computer. During the process of remote computer control , you can observe operations and remember if necessary.

In general, the software to access remote computers TeamViewer QuickSupport is a fairly compact and handy software , used to quickly create a connection between two computers using TeamViewer software. The software works very smoothly, does not cause crashes or display any error messages. The software is very useful to solve computer problems without having to take the device to a repair place.

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