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From the developer of Striker Zone and Armada: Modern Tanks , Tanks vs Robots for Android is an exciting new shooter on Google Play that takes you into dramatic PvP battles between these two types of combat vehicles.

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Download Tanks VS Robots game for Android

In the action game Tanks VS Robots , players can control 2 vehicles – tanks and robots.

First, you can choose to play the role of defending your homeland and not accepting enemy compromises of any kind. Under this inviolable armor is the brave heart of a tank army commander. Become a counselor and shoot down all invaders with thousands of tons of chariots and massive firepower!

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Or if you want to control a more advanced vehicle, you can choose a robot and transform into an invasive warrior equipped with technologies only in fiction movies. This new world is just a temporary obstacle on the way to conquering your world. The strongest tank armor will be pierced by tactical wits when you play the role of the fighter robot pilot. Lead the expedition with your robot alliance!

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Highlights of the game Tanks VS Robots for Android

During the war, all tactics were allowed

Upgrade your tank – enhance your weapons, armor, and other advanced items to turn your tank into an invincible vehicle! Show your enemies what your tank or robot can do with a talented commander in the cockpit!

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Prove yourself to your teammates

Decorate your tank with a variety of decals or epic camouflage. Express your personality on the battlefield of Tanks VS Robots for Android !

Unity is strength

Create a party and gather other players under your flag in Tanks VS Robots Android ! Smash the enemies with the unifying power of the members and show them your commanding talent on the battlefield!

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Outstanding features of the game Tanks VS Robots for Android

  • Experience exciting PvP battles with players from around the world.
  • Explore many unique battlefields, combining the freedom of open space with complex mazes such as lab workshops.
  • Many types of unique fighting robots.
  • Many types of modern tanks.
  • The gameplay in Tanks VS Robots will vary depending on your vehicle selection.
  • Discover a variety of combat modes. Collaborate with friends in team battle mode or become the only winner in the fierce battle.
  • Use quick battle commands to communicate more effectively with your allies in battle.
  • Communicate with other players through the Global Chat feature and exchange tactics with your clan.
  • Take advantage of special combat items to be able to turn the tide of the battle.
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Choose your side and enter the fierce clash in Tanks VS Robots for Android .

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