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Talking Tom Splash Force for Android is a great shooter from Outfit7 developer with simple gameplay, perfect for playing on the touch screen, gorgeous graphics and a personality cast.

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In the action game Talking Tom Splash Force , players are tasked to shoot water balls at the enemy to defeat them. You can play one of the familiar characters like Talking Tom, Talking Angela or Talking Hank, and confront a gang of robbery bears and cats. The sprinkler gun is easy to use. Instead of firing arrows, you will launch water balloons at the bear to create a funny “splashing” effect. What is more fun than making annoying cats and dogs in cold water?

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How to play Talking Tom Splash Force game for Android is relatively similar to the legendary Angry Birds game . Swipe your finger from the left side of the screen to aim, adjust the height and force of the launch. However, be careful, because every time you shoot a water balloon, the bears will shoot back. And if they hit multiple times, you will lose.

Between levels, players of Talking Tom Splash Force Android can use special keys to open the chest of equipment. Inside the chest are new characters and new skins for Tom and Angela. In addition, each hero in the game possesses a unique type of water balloon. For example, Tom’s ball can split into three smaller balls, while Angela’s ball can jump high before they hit the target.

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Salient features of the game Talking Tom Splash Force for Android

Fight with dishonest cats

Ready, aim and shoot! Take your time to look carefully, then shoot huge water balloons at the ferocious army of cats and bears. Wet your enemies before they can hit you.

Rescue cute friends

These thugs and cats have kidnapped many animal friends of Talking Tom. Find the key and free these pitiful animals.

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Building houses

The group that robs evil bears has destroyed the houses of animals. They are so mean! But do not worry, while playing, you will earn coins to spend on rebuilding the animal village.

Many new worlds to explore

Fight with aggressive bears in the desert, jungle, tropical island and icy world. Many new lands will be unlocked when you play to the higher table.

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Meet very popular characters

Play with Talking Tom cats, Talking Angela and Talking Hank dogs, unlock cute new outfits while battling enemies and rebuilding animal villages. Tom cat can be a pirate, an astronaut, a king and more.

Download Talking Tom Splash Force for Android for free on your computer today to enjoy the shooting screen full of entertainment and have great relaxing moments!

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Game Talking Tom Splash Force for Android contains:

  • Advertisement for Outfit7 developer product.
  • Links directing users to Outfit7’s other websites and apps.
  • Personalize content to encourage users to return to the game often.
  • Integrate YouTube so gamers can watch videos about cartoon characters of Outfit7.
  • Ability to connect with friends via social networking sites such as Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , …
  • Options for in-app purchases.
  • Items to be purchased (available at different prices) can be purchased for virtual currency, depending on the player’s progress.
  • Many alternative options to gain access to all the functions of the game without having to make any purchases with real money.
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