Download Talking Tom Cat 2 for Windows

Talking Tom Cat 2 is a cat game that mimics funny people on mobile. Now you can play with cat Tom, talk and tease the cat right on your PC. Download Talking Tom Cat part 2 game to your computer to play for free. Talking Tom Cat 2 for Windows is developed based on the original version with many new and more interesting features than the previous one. Certainly, the game will give you many interesting experiences. From the success of My Talking Tom game series and friends, the publisher Outfit 7 has released many versions of human mimic animals, and typical pet farming games like Talking Ginger, My Talking Angela on the computer. Moreover, with a computer connected to the Internet, you can completely play with Tom cat without downloading any software to your computer. Please click on this link to play Talking Tom online.

If you love Talking cat Tom don’t forget to download the mobile version to play now

Talking Tom Cat 2Download Talking Tom Cat 2 for Windows 1Download Talking Tom Cat 2 for Windows 2

Talking Tom cat has become too familiar, especially with small children. With a cute appearance and a reaction like a real cat when you interact with it, the game is always the number one choice when you want to entertain or simply want to have a good friend.

The main feature of My Talking Tom for Windows 10

Talk to Tomcat

  • Like the previous version, you can still say anything to Tom, even sing it to him and it will repeat whatever you say with an incredibly lovely “voice”.

Play with Tomcat

  • If you use your finger to interact, on your computer, you can use your mouse to scratch, tickle and tease Tom and play mini mini-games to earn money to buy cat supplies.

Dress up cats

  • This is the new point of Talking Tom Cat 2 version. You can decorate with many new accessories, new costumes. You can completely turn Tomcat into a cowboy boy or a pirate.

New places more interesting

  • If Talking just before was not in a dark corner of the neighborhood, now he had moved to a new room with many beautiful decorative accessories.

More action is more fun

  • Exploding the balloon bag to startle the cat or tossing a pillow on Tom’s face, farting Tom cats are interesting actions added in this version.

Download Talking Tom Cat 2 for Windows 3Download Talking Tom Cat 2 for Windows 4

Play fun mini-games

  • Travel into space and collect gold coins

Many achievements are waiting for you to complete

  • Many achievements with different requirements, complete the task well to receive many rewards when playing with tomcat.

Movie Talking Tom

  • You can completely convey words or even a song and record it and ask Tom to send it to your friends. Go back to the video you talked to Tom cat, save and send it to a friend or via a Facebook and YouTube social network connection.
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