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Swordsman X for Android is the new Battle Royale mobile game from the developer Cube Game. The game will take you back to the Middle Ages to experience the legendary story of the sword king, the ninja era and the undead fighting.

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Imagine Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds ( PUBG ) combined with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – we will have Swordsman X , a Battle Royale game where guns are replaced with swords. The game uses the gameplay of the mortal arena games (100 players are armed, seeking to kill others to become the last survivors) and combine it with Chinese martial arts elements. .

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Swordsman X swordplay game will take players on a great adventure with a combination of action and role-playing game . Similar to other Battle Royale games, your mission in the game is to find ways to survive until you become the only survivor, but instead of using guns, you will find a way to survive with martial arts and sword. Swordsman X Android is inspired by the architectural and geographical aspects of ancient China, which will make it harder to gather resources. Not to mention the toxic fog and the narrowed safety zones over time will be other obstacles to your hope of survival.

For example, instead of driving a Jeep through the desert to avoid a fire, you have to fly to avoid the daggers coming while riding through a forest. In addition, gamers can also walk on the wall, bounce off branches and slash enemies, or charge and turn to counterattack like Ly Lien Kiet.

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Find ways to survive until you become the only survivor in Swordsman X

A unique feature of Swordsman X is that the game focuses on melee combat. Although the game also has items like bows and arrows, most matches often use short-range weapons such as swords and spears.

Moreover, in addition to searching, loot weapons and clothing, gamers can also gather a variety of martial arts skills through the book scattered throughout the world of Swordsman X for Android . You can learn up to three different uses for each weapon, allowing you to apply more complex attacks than standard swords.

Players can upgrade their warriors by improving weapons, equipment with large damage, rare armor or powerful magic. Use all the weapons you have, fight like a swordsman and become a legend.

Play Swordsman X – King Of Swords and enjoy the wonderful moments in this new version of PUBG!


Players can collect a lot of Gold (Gold) and Jade (Jade) in the mod version, then use Jade to buy beautiful swords, weapons and costumes in Swordsman X.

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