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Swords & Summoners for Android is a gorgeous new open world MMOPRG game from the developer 37Games.Asia. The game will bring exciting experience for gamers with thrilling storylines, epic graphics and action-packed gameplay.

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Swords & Summoners (Swords) is an outstanding role-playing game where you play a hero or a half-human half-heroine, tasked with eliminating scary enemies on the real path. show your mission. The game offers a variety of characters, each with their own characteristics and skills. You can test your strength by fighting against other legendary warriors in the arena of Martial Arts Tower and reach the final promotion.

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Swords & Summoners for Android also has an interesting romantic system. With special rings, you have the ability to permanently associate with a partner of your choice, thereby unlocking exclusive skills for your own character. In addition, the mount system is also a highlight of the game and the magic beast is also the most important companion. In addition to taking players traveling to different locations, they can also assist you in battles. However, this magic system is only unlocked when the character reaches level 25.

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Also, like many other MMORPGs like Lunathorn, Fellow: Eternal Clash, Miracle Origin or King of Kings, in Eudemons Agreements, gamers have the freedom to express individuality, personal style by customizing him Heroes with various items, accessories and clothing, these items can be unlocked during your adventure in Swords & Summoners Android .

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Outstanding features of the game Swords & Summoners for Android

Sign a magic contract

With the contract, the magic beast will always be there for you and will protect you in every fight. Go find and defeat mighty demonic beasts, rejuvenate their souls, sign contracts, turn them into friends and join an amazing journey in Swords & Summoners Android . One thing to note is, the magic skills of the magic beast will also belong to you!

The eternal binding

The world of Beast Contract for Android is going on an extremely fierce battle, where it needs you and the heavenly people together to overcome all challenges. Find your covenant ring, build eternal bonds with your partner, and unlock exclusive skills that will reshape the world!

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Scramble for power

Do you want to get more strength? Challenge other legendary heroes in the Tower of Souls! Each tower floor has a formidable opponent, defeat them all and take away their Souls, then activate your body’s full potential!

Transform thousands of faces

Swords & Summoners for Android ‘s rich camouflage system will provide players with countless benefits, helping you easily blend into the battle between humans and beasts. In addition, the game also equipped with a lot of costumes, weapons, wings, jewelry, … so that each disguised, you will be both mysterious and seductive!

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