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Are you planning to design and redecorate indoor furniture but not knowledgeable in graphic design? Sweet Home 3D 6.2 will help you do that.

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The main interface of the software supports Sweet Home 3D design

Designing an apartment that looks like just for trained architects is now easier than ever with the help of Sweet Home 3D design software. You can create your own unique apartments, arrange indoor furniture, decorate your home according to your preferences without much difficulty. Sweet Home 3D will help you place furniture with a house design of 2D images and view in 3D. It will make the tedious work of finding furniture as well as placement easier and more interesting. Once completed, you will have the joy of watching the house you design, with your style.

Take a look at this home design application that will bring you unique features.

Changes of 3D interior design software Sweet Home 3D

  • Add tools to draw polyline in plans with many different styles.
  • Added visibility baseboard with wall and room editing panel.
  • Add the ability to select objects in the furniture group, edit and delete them without having to split the grouped objects.
  • Add Furniture > Add to group and Edit > Paste to group menu items, adding objects to the selected group.
  • Save extended group in furniture list.
  • A high-level manager is similar to layers with an ordered index set in the panel.
  • Add Paste in Edit to change the style of objects selected from the same objects copied in the clipboard.
  • Mark or unmark a room from the room menu item in the context menu of the plan.
  • Support changing fonts, default font colors as well as displaying them in 3D view at a certain height.
  • Check the size of the selected image in the background image and reduce the size if it is too large with the useful file import feature.
  • Displays a notification when a furniture or object has been added to the library.
  • Lets adjust the viewing angle from -90 degrees to 90 degrees.
  • Improved support for DAE / Collada format to accept files that lack data.
  • Accept writing of 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8 fractions as text.

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Download Sweet Home 3D to design your dream home

The main feature of home design software Sweet Home 3D

  • Draw straight, round or steep walls with precise dimensions using the mouse or keyboard.
  • Install doors and windows on walls by dragging them into drawings, and let Sweet Home 3D calculate their needed holes in the walls.
  • Add furniture to drawings from a catalog of searchable and expandable items such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom …
  • Change the color, texture, size, thickness, location and orientation of furniture, walls, floors and ceilings.
  • While the design is in 2D, simultaneously view it in 3D from an aerial position, or adjust the view into it as a virtual guest.
  • Annotate drawings with area names, dimension lines, annotation text, and orientation display with a compass.
  • Create realistic photo and video clips with the ability to customize sunlight effects according to the time of day and geographic location.
  • Add a detailed drawing to paint the wall for it, add large 3D models to complete the catalog and edit its text and interface.
  • Print and export to PDF, bitmap or vector images, videos and 3D files with standard file formats.
  • Extensive features of Sweet Home 3D with Java-based plug-ins, or developed as a version based on the Model View Controller structure.
  • Users can choose the interface and instructions, support in 22 languages.


  • Java Runtime Environment .

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Update the latest interior design software Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D 6.2

  • Fixed an issue that prevented editing parts of an interior in Virtual Visit mode, after adding that part to the group in Aerial view.
  • Fixed a total update error after changing the price of a part of the furniture group.
  • Fixed a bug preventing blocking changes to white architectural materials.
  • Correct horizontal and vertical alignment errors while moving rooms or furniture names with the mouse and pressing the Shift key.
  • Add a searchable Adjustable tag to easily see more editable 3D models out of the 87 available options.
  • After selecting the Select all at all levels menu item, export the entire item to OBJ format whether they belong to a display level in 3D view or not.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.
Download Sweet Home 3D 4

Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2

  • Fixed regression to prevent changing the dash of polygons.
  • Fix other minor errors.

Sweet Home 3D 6.1

  • Manage the choice of converting items in the furniture list without losing the selection of other items in the plan.
  • Optimize cache management to see the top priority furniture items in the plan for similar furniture.
  • Fixed an issue where the furniture top viewer position in its rectangular selection frame at a large zoom factor.
  • Use more precise text width to align standard multi-line text.
  • Fix application display errors in languages that read from left to right.
  • Fixed an error of incorrectly analyzing some mathematical expressions when choosing units of length other than centimeters.
  • Fixed an issue where offscreen 3D rendering in Windows when setting Z-depth depth size is not supported.
  • Delete the wall in the gaps higher than the top of the trapezoid wall.
  • Add support for lenses on hinges and balustrades with a new shape prefix: sweethome3d_window_mirror_on_hinge_ / sweethome3d_window_mirror_on_rail_.
  • Accept the space in the image path of the map_Kd items in the MTL file.
  • Add information about the program’s memory usage in the About dialog box.
  • Improved UI Furniture Library Editor and Textures Library Editor when using the HiDPI screen.
  • Replace JRE 8u181 with JRE 8u202 in the Sweet Home 3D installer with Java.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.

Download Sweet Home 3D 5

Sweet Home 3D 6.0

  • Additional features to rotate and slide the door holes and the position of the lights.
  • Add mannequin can join the joints.
  • Replaced 24 3D models with LAL license in the default list with new models with GNU GPL / CC-BY license.
  • Updated rotating and sliding parts in 3D models including doors, windows, and furniture to support new rotation and translation features.
  • Add price management with optional currency and sales tax options in the configuration table, the new Price and% Sales tax boxes in the interior editing table, displaying price and total information in the family furniture list.
  • Add features to calculate equations in numerical cells.
  • Add Plan> Flip horizontally and Plan> Flip vertically to the menu.
  • Added support for multi-line and text alignment in text editors.
  • Add X / Y offset spinner in texture edit panel to rotate them.
  • Activate multiple material selections in the edit panel to change them in groups.
  • Add Dash offset sppiner in polygon panel to rotate pattern with dashed lines.
  • Allow straight lines to display in the 3D viewer.
  • Added an option in the 3D viewer edit panel to view background images in 3D at a realistic level.
  • Add Plan> Make level the only viewable one and Plan> Make all levels viewable to the menu.
  • Show hierarchical menus in separate contextual menus according to the level tabs.
  • Manage edits with the Ctrl key to resize the selected interior part vertically or depth.
  • Add a new guide in the middle of the selected wall to easily change its curvature.
  • Display the wall arc length in the tooltip and the Arc extent field in the wall editing panel.
  • The ramped walls have a minimum height of zero.
  • Add 2.40: 1 aspect ratio and update video format.
  • Save column widths in furniture lists to restore them when opening a house.
  • Create underground objects separately of a group that is underground in the 3D view.
  • Increased Z-buffer depth to 24 bits, simplifying the management of front and back limits of the dead-end block in the 3D view.
  • Be sure to accurately reflect the image in the 3D view when used as sky texture.
  • Encode CSV export to UTF-8 on all systems and add the com.eteks.sweethome3d.CSVEncoding system property to change the encoding to another value for backward compatibility.
  • Check the SH3D file begins with the magic ZIP number after saving the file to alert users of rare errors.
  • Fixed an issue where the device angles were grouped according to the first selected corner.
  • Fix interior library & loading architecture in Java 10.
  • Improved HiDPI screen detection with Java 8/10 in Windows to automatically expand the user interface.
  • Updated Java 3D version to 1.6.1 to support HiDPI screens in Java 10.
  • Optimize 3D walls after moving a window or door.
  • Add the sunjce_provider.jar library to the installation programs to grant https web access.
  • Adds 32/64 bit radio button architecture in Windows and defaults to 32 bit in Windows 10 64 bit.
  • Upgrade Inno Setup to the Unicode version to make it easier to support non-Latin languages in the Windows installer.
  • Replace JRE 8u162 with JRE 8u181 in Sweet Home 3D installation with Java.
  • Bug fixes and many other enhancements.

If you are cherishing your own unique home, want to find a software to turn the idea of sitting home in your thoughts into an intuitive design, share it with your friends and relatives, then you Don’t forget to choose Sweet Home 3D .

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