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In the action adventure game combining construction and survival Survivalcraft 2, players will be left on the coast of an endless cube world. In this place, players will have to explore, exploit resources, create tools, weapons, create traps and plant trees.

Download Survivalcraft 2 for Windows 1 Create furniture in the adventure game Survivalcraft 2 for computers and Windows Phone

When playing the adventure game Survivalcraft 2 , players will sew costumes and hunt over 30 animals in the real world to search for food and resources. Players need to build a shelter to survive the cold nights and share their worlds online. Players can ride horses, camels or donkeys and raise cattle to protect them from predators. Players can also clear the rocky road with explosives, make complex electrical equipment, customize furniture, paint, use pistons to create moving machines, plant many trees. and harvest the crops. Players will create and combine 40 different costume items to protect themselves from attacks and extreme weather or simply look more dashing. Players can explore countless events that can occur in this series of free building and survival games.

Construction game for PC Survivalcraft 2 is the sequel to Survivalcraft . Players are allowed to create highly interactive items at their disposal to make buildings more alive than ever, such as using pistons to create operating machines. by electricity. The underwater world looks incredibly alive with many new plants and animals living deep beneath the sea. Many cords of different colors but not intersecting allow the construction of complex electrical appliances or use them for decorative purposes.

Survival game for PC Survivalcraft 2 will bring many characteristics that players love in Minecraft game, such as endless worlds, caves, things that require the ability to think logically (electric), pistons , weather, boats, mounts, explosives, costumes, armor and more. Game Survivalcraft 2 both includes these features, while retaining its very own reality to help players feel the survival-themed style and expand the gameplay through separate items, causing explosions based on physical principles. The game also simulates temperature and more.

Download Survivalcraft 2 for Windows 2Explore the vast world in the Survivalcraft 2 action adventure game for computers and Windows Phone

The main feature of the game Survivalcraft 2 for computers and Windows Phone

  • The endless cube world can be destroyed
  • Design your own furniture
  • Includes plunger
  • More than 30 animals
  • Riding donkeys, camels and horses
  • The lively world has cycles of day and night, waves and interesting physics
  • Circuit and logic gates allow players to create their own games
  • There are fire, explosives, water and magma
  • Realistic survival simulation
  • Download furniture, maps, and skins created by the gaming community
  • More than 300 costume items affect appearance and survival
  • There are deserts, rainforests, plains, snow, oceans, lakes, swamps and many islands
  • Fabrication and smelting

Minimum system requirements for computers & Windows Phone

  • Operating system Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1
  • ARM architecture, x86, x64

Note : You can click the link to the game Survivalcraft 2, click “Download game”, “Open Store”, then click “Free trial” to download the trial version of this game to your computer or Windows Phone.

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