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Super Dungeon Run – dungeon role-playing game

Super Dungeon Run is a fast-paced action game with charismatic gameplay, released as a free trial on Steam or you can buy a Full version for $ 4.99.

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In the game Super Dungeon Run , your mission is to lead a group of heroes to participate in the task of fighting and looting in the dark dungeon, full of dangers. Let’s start with a group of peasants with enthusiasm but lack of combat experience, control them to run endlessly and escape the safe dungeon!

Super Dungeon Run has many similarities with RPG RPG series and you can play single form offline. The game is a mix of Diablo , Temple Run and even a little bit of Pikmin . Especially in every dungeon, you will have a new and unexpected adventure ahead!

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In order to have the strongest warrior force, equip the characters with new clothes and poison to increase their strength and skills, allowing them to go deeper into the dungeon to receive rewards. In the dungeon are countless deadly traps as well as fierce monsters waiting for you. As a commander, you need to connect characters to create synergy, able to overcome challenges!

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Super Dungeon Run Game includes many types of dungeons with different characteristics. In the dungeon there are many kinds of creatures that exist like mold, wine cellar and many other mysteries.

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Overall, Super Dungeon Run for PC is an interesting game that you can play continuously from beginning to end without getting bored. Help your army to venture deep into the dungeon, defeat monsters, overcome sophisticated traps and loot wealth to upgrade forces. Not only owning this storyline, Super Dungeon Run Windows also has beautiful graphics, rich item system that creates extremely unique gameplay!

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