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Super Cubes

Imagine a naughty child leaving a pile of colorful cubes on the floor and your job is to organize them neatly.

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To remove the cubes, you will have to arrange them in a certain order.

Although very few blocks are initially formed, that child keeps throwing new ones while you are trying to clean.

However, you will have ways to deal with these problems. Learn how to use colored cubes, colored cubes.

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The game has a 3D graphical interface, creative features and a lot of special effects. You can change the style of shapes, music and many other effects.


• Extremely fun playing games.

• 3D graphical interface with beautiful visual effects.

• Can set play time and game mode.

• Many bonus levels.

• There are instructions when playing.

• Great sound effects.

System requirements:

– Processor: Pentium II or higher.

– Hard drive space: 10MB or higher.

Dang Huong

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Other versions and related.

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