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Super Arcade Machine

Super Arcade Machine is a game set consisting of 25 different components, with many game modes such as arkanoid, breakout, pacman and frantic space shooters.

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Music, sound and graphics with many different configuration options. Most games include many features.

This is a combination of interesting games for the whole family and very compact.

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Games include Animal Army, AstroRocks, Bricks On Mars, Christmas Balls, Egg Assault, Elephant Walks, Globes, Grand Prix, Guppies, Halloween Town, Lady Guppy, Monster Flames, Mouse Man, Mud Crawlers, Outer World, PacCyclops, Photon Blast, Red Droppers, Slimy Earth, Slither Creeps, Smiles, Space Invasion, The Fox Pit, UFO Galaxy and Whirlybirds.

Dang Huong

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