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Palette Summer for Android is the most colorful camera app in this summer. Download Palette Summer for Android now to fully convey the emotions of summer day in every image.

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Summer Palette photo filter application for Android

Download the Summer Palette camera app for Android

Series Pallete camera is a set of new and hottest beautiful photo filters on Google Play Store. With the glitter of filtered colors that make photos taken with phones more soulful, this suite has not been launched for a long time, but has been well received by the smartphone user community.

Palette Summer for Android is an impressive multi-color photo camera app that is part of Fotoable’s Pallete camera series.

Summer Palette for Android contains up to 12 beautiful color filters combined with the warm, vibrant atmosphere of the summer with fresh, clear textures, blowing a cool breeze to dispel the hot summer heat on each shot. . Each picture becomes lovely, sweet like a summer rainbow. Let “Summer Palette for Android be your” sunshade “.

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Palette Summer for Android makes photos taken with a phone camera with more depth

Salient feature of the Summer Summer Palette camera app for Android

Eye-catching filter

  • 12 brilliant filters: bright yellow, warm orange, mint green, blue, pink princess, light purple …
  • Take photos with natural smooth skin
  • Suitable for summer drinks, fruits, ice cream, coconut trees, flip flops, bikini, vacation, vegetation, blue sky …
  • Customize the filter scale to give the image the desired look

Beautiful photography

  • 12 high-quality real-time filters are carefully selected
  • Support effects full screen capture, capture the moment in each picture
  • Mute sound when taking pictures

Comprehensive image editor

  • Shadows
  • Temperature
  • Sharpness
  • Rotate and flip pictures
  • Film grain texture
  • Halo
  • Saturation
  • Opposition
  • Contrast
  • Brightness

Save and share

  • Ensure the maximum image resolution when saving images
  • Share photos to Instagram , Kakao Talk, Line, Twitter , Facebook , Tumblr, Messenger, Sina Weibo

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Updated in the latest version of the Summer Summer Photography app for Android

  • 12 brilliant summer filters

As you can see, Summer Palette for Android has only 12 filters, but with a level adjustment meter in real time, users have the ability to create a lot of unique photos with water color at will. Blowing the summer spirit into resort photos, all around the world is now simpler than ever when downloading and using Palette Summer for Android.

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