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Subway Surfers 1.98.0 is an endless runner action game, where you will have to run quickly to overcome obstacles, help mischievous boys Jake, Tricky and Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog, fellow Collect as many items as you can along the way to strengthen and enrich yourself.

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New in Subway Surfers for Android 1.86.0

  • Cruise to the beautiful city of Buenos Aires on the Subway Surfers World Tour.
  • Experience unique architecture and splendid beaches
  • Track the entire game progress in the same place with the new “MY TOUR” tab.
  • Welcome Sofia, the new member of Surfer
  • Look for high and low shiny cavalry shoes to win lots of Weekly Hunt prizes

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New appearance of Subway Surfers for Android

Get ready for an all-new endless surfing style for Christmas with Subway Surfers for Android. Slide as fast as you can and dodge oncoming trains on the beautiful snow-skiing track. Besides, Subway Surfers for Android new version also appears a very handsome character waiting for players to be recruited to the team.

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Subway Surfers for Android adds a new character

New point of the endless surfing game Subway Surfers for Android 1.83.0

  • Cruise to the city of love on a surfing journey around the world Subway Surfers World Tour
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the beautiful tramway in the light city of Subway of Paris
  • Get special Sweetheart sweet heart skis to surf on rails
  • Control Coco, an adorable character, surfing on the famous rose skateboard
  • Collect shiny heart boxes along the way to win the Weekly Hunt award

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Subway Surfers for Android adds new characters and heart boxes

Updated in the new version Subway Surfers for Android 1.80.1

  • Exciting city of Saint Petersburg
  • Skateboarding on icy roads and bridges
  • Play the charming Nicolai and unlock his Frost outfit
  • Glide smoothly on the slopes with the Sleigh Board
  • Collect Jingles Board by collecting money during the Weekly Hunt weekly event

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New points in the game Subway Surfers 1.74.0

  • Along with the Subway Surfers World Tour, continue the adventure around the world and the next stop will be China – a country rich in historical traditions intertwined with a modern and youthful style.
  • Explore the magnificent gardens or the vast shopping center in Shanghai.
  • Team up with Lee, a true street artist and unlock new outfits for characters.
  • Go skating on rails with the new Rickshaw skateboard.
  • Find beautiful paper fans on the run to receive valuable Weekly Hunt rewards.

After a period of absence, Subway Surfers returned to the mobile gaming field spectacularly with a completely new race, exploring a new land with completely new features.

If you are a fan of the game run Endless Runner , certainly will not be missed Subway Surfers for Android phones . The game is about the boy Jake loves Graffiti and the subway station where he shows his talent. This made the guard fastidious and his white dog angry, this is the cause of the start of the race non-stop. Although the product was born later, still carries the same gameplay as the runner games like Minion Rush , Temple Run but it is considered a serious opponent of this easy-to-play and addictive game series.

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Join the dreadful train track race like never before in the new version of Subway Surfers

Video introduction game Subway Surfers new version for Android

Subway Surfers genre action adventure game extremely attractive on mobile. In essence, this is a speed game similar to other runner games. The game is designed quite simply, gently, playfully with colors, beautiful images and vivid gameplay will give you moments of relaxation extremely comfortable.

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Join the game and help mischievous boys Jake, Tricky and Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. Run fast to overcome obstacles on the way and collect as many coins as possible. Also, try to collect a lot of power and items along the way to increase your strength as well as enrich yourself!

The main feature of the game Subway Surfers for Android

  • Pass the train with your friends fun group.
  • Colorful and vivid 3D graphics.
  • Slide on the boards.
  • Draw on the wagons.
  • Swipe very fast.
  • Overcome challenges and support your friends to play.

Review game Subway Surfers for Android

Overall, Subway Surfers is a game that is worth playing. It takes care of the graphics and sound, along with many unique boosters that make a difference compared to other games of the same genre.


  • Game light, runs smoothly on most devices.
  • Addictive gameplay, eye-catching graphics.
  • Monthly regular updates include new skis, new maps, new characters and bug fixes.
  • Supporting, items, diverse characters.


  • Easy to play but hard to master.
  • Many items are quite expensive, requiring players to accumulate a decent amount of gold if they want to buy equipment for the character.
  • The game is fast and a bit difficult for beginners.

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