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If you enjoy capturing the beauty around you and constantly sharing your photos on WhatsApp , Instagram , Facebook or Snapchat , then the Story Captions app for Android is for you.

When posting any photo on your favorite social network , they ask you to add the accompanying caption. Caption will make the picture perfect – just 3-8 sentences but can describe the whole story behind a picture. But sometimes it’s not easy to think of a good comment.

To solve this problem and give you an idea of the perfect caption line, the justapps developer has launched the Story Captions for Android photo caption app – which provides hundreds of “cool” captions to add. on your photo.

Download Story Captions for Android APK 1Download Story Captions for Android APK 2Download Story Captions for Android APK 3
Story Captions for Android is an extremely useful photo annotation application for those who like “virtual life”

Salient features of Story Captions application for Android

  • Easy to use : Just open the app and scroll down to find the latest caption. Click on the caption you want to copy and paste into the image.
  • Searching for captions : This is a very popular feature of Story Captions ! Just click on the search bar and enter any keyword, users will receive annotations related to that word. For example, you are in a shopping center and want to find a related caption, just type in the search bar for the word “shopping” and you will find countless shopping related captions. In addition, users can search for notes according to their mood. If you are feeling in love, search for keywords like “romantic”, “lovely”, …
  • Add to favorites : Did you read a note that moved me? Just click the heart button next to the caption to add it to favorites.

Download Story Captions for Android APK 4Download Story Captions for Android APK 5
Story Captions Android provides users with perfect captions for photos

  • Share with others : Users can share captions and send to family members or friends to make their photos more perfect.
  • Image captions : You wonder what these annotations look like if inserted into images? This feature will give users the answer.
  • Caption for status on WhatsApp : Do you have a new photo you want to share on WhatsApp? Before uploading photos, open the app and find the perfect caption to describe the photo.
  • Caption for Instagram Story : Spice up your Instagram stories with the most interesting captions. Just find the perfect caption you like, copy and paste.

Note: Story Captions for Android is a standalone application, not related to services like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp.

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